Zool Redimensioned comes to PS4 in May

After a positive reception on Steam, retro revival Zool Redimensioned is spreading its wings (some ants fly, right?) and heading to PS4 on May 16th.

The original PC remaster from 2021 was created by Sumo Digital Academy apprentices as a pet project (people keep ants as pets, right?) This PS4 version will feature all-new local multiplayer modes: Zool’s Gold, Rool of Zool, and Ball Brawl.

A free party mode update will also roll out on PC at launch.

“The PC version of Zool Redimensioned had such a fantastic reception from fans of the original game, that we’re thrilled to be able to bring this tribute to the Amiga’s classic platformer to PlayStation 4,” said Dr Jacob Habgood, Director of Education Partnerships. “The apprentices from the Sumo Digital Academy have worked hard to ensure that it captures the essence of the original game, made here in Sheffield by developers who were not so different in age to them.”

“Yet they’ve succeeded in making it accessible to new audiences and added fantastic new game modes for players to enjoy too. The game is a testament to the talent the Sumo Academy is producing, while giving young people a gateway into the video games industry.”

It’ll be published under Sumo’s Secret Mode wing, and while there’s no confirmed price just yet, the PC version’s £7.99 price tag gives us a ballpark figure.

For the younger readers out there, Zool was a fast-paced platformer that launched in 1992 – with the Amiga version heralded as the format’s answer to Sonic and Super Mario. It wasn’t long until Zool went multi-format, appearing on just about every format going. Nine different formats in total, no less. The much-improved sequel even made it to the Atari Jaguar.