Out this week: Meet Your Maker, EA Sports PGA Tour, GrimGrimoire OnceMore, Curse of the Sea Rats, Atari Mania, more

Observing April, it seems that the majority of major new releases are due at the end of the month, including Dead Island 2, Advance Wars 1&2 Reboot Camp, Minecraft Legends, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

There are some big titles to look out for before then, too, including the Xbox iteration of GhostWire: Tokyo, and the promising Disney Speedstorm.

This week we can expect Behaviour’s Meet Your Maker, a post-apocalyptic first-person building-and-raiding game with user-generated content. It’s available via PS Plus at launch and hitting the Xbox as a paid release. That’s being joined by EA Sports PGA Tour, indie prequel Road 96 Mile 0, a PSVR2 release of Creed: Rise to Glory, and the high-tempo 2D shooter Marfusha.

A couple of new titles have had the review treatment already. NIS America’s side-scrolling RTS GrimGrimoire OnceMore – a revival from the PS2 era – has gained mostly positive reviews, due on PS5, PS4, and Switch. Curse of the Sea Rats offers Metroidvania action meanwhile, featuring hand-drawn art. Scores so far are a mixture of 6s and 7s, with a slight lack of polish to blame.

Also look out for a belated PS4 release of the Wario Ware inspired Atari Mania, dark fantasy folklore adventure Kabaret, and the graphic adventure/stealth platformer hybrid The Library of Babel.

New release trailers

Meet Your Maker

GrimGrimoire OnceMore

EA Sports PGA Tour

Curse of the Sea Rats

Road 96 Mile 0

Atari Mania

Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition 



The Library of Babel 

Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures


New multiformat releases

  • Meet Your Maker
  • EA Sports PGA Tour
  • Road 96: Mile 0
  • Marfusha 
  • Kabaret
  • Curse of the Sea Rats
  • The Library of Babel

New on PSN

  • GrimGrimoire OnceMore
  • Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition
  • Across the Valley
  • Atari Mania
  • Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories
  • Pretty Girls Tile Match

New on Xbox Store

  • Horror Tale 1: Kidnapper
  • Dashing Orange
  • Bumballon
  • Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventure

New Switch retail releases

eShop round-up coming Thursday

  • Hello Neighbour 2
  • Curse of the Sea Rats
  • Blade Assault

Next week: Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, King of the Arcade, Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari, DE-EXIT – Eternal Matters, Process of Elimination, and 8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure.