Pioneering PC-CD ROM adventure The 7th Guest is heading to Switch

When CD-ROM technology launched in the early ‘90s, it was up to developers and publishers to showcase what the new medium could bring to the world of gaming.

SEGA stumbled slightly with the Mega CD, releasing little more than FMV titles and enhanced Mega Drive games. Over on PC, meanwhile, major milestones were being hit with software such as Myst, Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars: Rebel Assault, Encarta 95, and Litil Divil encouraging PC gamers to invest in a CD-ROM drive.

Then there was The 7th Guest, a huge seller that Nintendo allegedly sought for their upcoming SNES CD add-on. For the obvious reason, that never happened. In a bizarre twist of fate, however, the adventure classic is about to grace Nintendo hardware for the first time ever – a conversion is showing for release on the Switch eShop next week (6th April,) published by Liron Barzilai.

Set in a toy maker’s twisted, puzzle-filled, mansion you play as the titular seventh guest – with the six previous guests to the mansion mysteriously going missing. As you explore over 20 rooms, rendered in all their ‘90s FMV glory, you’ll get to solve puzzles and play mini-games while taking in the eerie sights.

This Switch releases features a scene skip option, improved voice acting and new subtitles, and multiple language support. £12.99 seems a reasonable enough price to experience this 1994 GOTY candidate. Even Bill Gates was a fan of this one.

Matt Gander

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