Kvark is a retro-inspired FPS powered by Unreal Engine 5

If Kvark isn’t the first retro-inspired shooter powered by Unreal Engine 5, then it’s certainly one of the first. It pays homage to DOOM, Quake, Duke Nukem, and Wolfenstein 3D, and is clearly born out of a passion for those classics.

Set in an alt ‘80s Czech Republic, the story involves a nuclear energy corporation seeking new applications to work in their uranium mines. Dangerous work, but the company’s propaganda has managed to convince a slew of new recruits.  

After breezing through the interview stage, the protagonist finds themselves locked in a cell while explosions and sirens blast in the distance. As you try to flee, you’ll gradually uncover the fate of the facilities’ workers and discover the root of the chaos.

Featuring modern rendering techniques, Kvark will call for swift weapon switching, quick thinking, and kinetic movement. Grenades and bazookas are mentioned within the weapon assortment, so expect plenty of punchy explosions.

While the visual style draws from the past, the Unreal Engine 5 will allow for up-to-date rendering techniques and adaptive audio. Developers Latest Past and Perun Creative promise lots of Easter Eggs too.

Kvark is due to launch on PC first, with console versions to follow.

Matt Gander

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