Troublemaker pits players against the struggles of high school

We may not see a sequel to Rockstar’s Bully any time soon, but Freedom Games’ Troublemaker may be a viable substitute, involving Indonesian high school student Budi juggling the struggles of high school while partaking in the school’s annual student fighting tournament.

Budi is a new transfer, tasked with fighting his way up the ‘food chain’ while making friends, increasing his popularity, and keeping on top of homework.

Adventure elements also feature, including collectible items, what appear to be stealth sections, and mini-games.

Combat appears crunchy – looking similar to that found in a typical Ryu Ga Gotoku title – including a few fantasy elements, such as flaming backflips.

It’s being developed by Gamecom Team and due out on PC at the end of the month on Steam and GOG. Fingers crossed for a console release in the future.

Matt Gander

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