Eternights challenges you to find love during the apocalypse

Here’s an upcoming indie that’s putting a lot of ticks in a lot of boxes.

Eternights is an anime-style apocalyptic hack ‘n slash RPG with dungeon crawling, scavenging, day-to-day life balancing, and…dating.

The storyline is described as “a race against time” to combat a surreal evil turning humans into monsters, with our five heroes trying to find a cure to ensure a future.

Human connection could very well be the solution. When they aren’t battling monsters with off-brand lightsabers or heading into dungeons, our heroes are able to strengthen their bonds by dating. This advances each character’s unique story, and will also unlock new skills and spell for battle.

The new ‘spring’ trailer showcases a lot of potential – fast-paced combat with a focus on evasion, motorbike scenes, and various monstrous beasts.

It’s in development at Studio Sai, and should be with us on PS5, PS4, and PC this summer. The Steam page is now live, with more screenshots and GIFs.