BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted due out in May

City Connection will be giving us a boost in May, with BATSUGUN Saturn Tribute Boosted due on all formats at the end of the month. May 25th, to be exact.

This is the latest of the developer’s SEGA Saturn ports, following on from Elevator Action Returns, Puzzle Bobble, and Cleopatra Fortune.

Toaplan’s vertical scrolling shooter hit arcades in 1993 before gaining a Japanese Saturn release in 1996. This is an enhanced conversion of the home version, with a new HUD that shows more information. An online ranked mode will also feature.

The developers also promise a newly recorded soundtrack, a rewind tool, save states, a stage selection screen, and three screen modes: home, arcade, and portrait.

Physical editions for Switch and PS4 are available on import, shipped to the west via Buyee, and packaged with a soundtrack CD. Or if you wanted to keep it really old school, a music cassette containing new arrangements is additionally available.

There’s no word on the digital version’s price yet, but it seems likely that it’ll be more expensive than past re-releases due to the additional work.

Matt Gander

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