‘Arcade Archives The New Zealand Story’ available now on PS4 and Switch

Retro re-release purveyors HAMSTER are happy to announce that Arcade Archives The New Zealand Story is available now, and we’re more than happy to relay this joyous news.

The New Zealand Story (or The NewZealand Story, as it’s officially known) is a colourful, and slightly eccentric, arcade platformer released by Taito in 1988.

Like Bubble Bobble, it was a huge hit in Europe – most of the 8-bit microcomputers, along with the SEGA Master System, received top-notch conversions.

It’s well-remembered due to a combination of tight controls, cutesy visuals, and the addition of gizmos that allow our hero Tiki the Kiwi to get around – novel for 1988. The music was considerably catchy, too.

The product listing mentions difficulty options, online leaderboards, and arcade display settings. The usual extras for an Arcade Archives re-release, then.

It’s available now on PSN for £5.79 and on the Switch eShop for £6.29.

Matt Gander

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