SteamWorld Build announced, demo available now

The next entry in the successful SteamWorld franchise will be a departure for the series, Thunderful has revealed.

SteamWorld Build, as the name suggests, is a town builder set in the SteamWorld universe. You fill the role of the town’s architect and must keep the population fed, housed, and entertained.

But not all is merry within the community – impending doom is on the horizon. To escape the planet, the townsfolk need to explore the local mines and retrieve ancient tech – a task harder than it sounds, with the mines crawling with creatures. There’s a risk of cave-ins, too.

Five maps will feature, and a choice of three difficulty levels. It’s being developed simultaneously on PC and consoles, with extra care and attention going into the UI and control scheme for console play.

Powered by the Unity engine, it’s in development at The Station – a studio who’ve helped on the LittleBigPlanet franchise – and due for release on all current formats later this year. A demo is available now via Steam.