We Are The Caretakers launches on Xbox Series this week

It looks like we can expect just one new release on the Xbox Store this week.

Thankfully, it’s a decent one – We Are The Caretakers has already proven its worth on PC, where it launched back in 2021 as an early access release. It garnered positive reviews from users.

Inspired by Darkest Dungeon, Ogre Battle, and XCOM it’s a squad management RPG with a premise more unique than most – you’re tasked with saving a planet’s ecosystem and animals. This entails balancing your reputation, funds, and alliances to create a expand a HQ. Combat is turn-based, and allows for 9 squads from 100s of characters – with 30+ unique job classes to personalise your teams with.

Ex-Microsoft and Blizzard developers worked on the title, with Blizzard artist Anthony Jones in charge of bringing the world to life.

It’s set to hit Xbox Series this Friday for £14.99. The PC version, meanwhile, leaves early access. Take a look at the trailer below.