Core Crisis: FFVII Reunion, River City Girls 2, Lil Gator Game, Raptor Boyfriend, and Wavetale hit the Switch

Square-Enix’s Core Crisis: FFVII Reunion could possibly be the last major new Switch release of the year. If this is the case, then we’re about to go out on a high – this PSP remake has been very well received, with the Switch version gaining 8/10s from Nintendo Life and Pocket Tactics, along with a 9/10 from Nintendo Insider.

“Though some may be put off by its mission-based gameplay structure or the sometimes ridiculous writing, its excellent combat, gorgeous presentation, and heartfelt narrative combine to make this one that no RPG fan will want to miss out on, especially those who were fans of Final Fantasy VII,” said NL. We’re also glad this one didn’t end up as a cloud release on Switch, no pun intended.

On that subject, 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard gains a cloud release this week. As always, we suggest checking out the trial first to see how it runs on your internet connection.

WayForward’s River City Girls 2 is another full price release imminent on the eShop. Yes, we were surprised by the £35.99 price tag too. Hey Poor Player noted of performance issues, claiming that it didn’t quite feel ready for release. Reviews are generally positive though – if you wanted more of the same, then you won’t be too disappointed. Except for the performance issues.

Lil Gator Game is flying under the radar somewhat, despite looking both fun and creative. Pocket Tactics was left smitten by this chilled adventure platformer. “Taking many of the best elements from both Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Lil Gator Game tells a beautiful story and provides countless enjoyable experiences along the way. This is easily the most wholesome game of the year, if not the decade,” they boldly proclaimed.

Wavetale also washes up on Switch after sailing away from Stadia. Developed by Zoink Games and published by Thunderful, this story-driven adventure takes place in a submerged city.

“When you’re out zipping around on the water and flinging yourself about like an ocean-bound Spider-Man, the sheer glee is palpable. Indeed, the game could have been twice as long and I doubt I would have tired of that core gameplay. Alas, it finishes up fairly quickly. A grand time while it lasts, though,” was Touch Arcade’s verdict.

Then there’s the ‘90s teen drama Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance, which allows you to hook up with a variety of characters, including Sasquatch and the titular raptor. The PC version from 2021 garnered a positive reception.  

Also look out for the colourful third-person shooter Kawaii Slime Arena, the medieval scrolling shoot’em up Cassidora, comical rogue-lite The Crackpet Show, and the modern retro action platformer Panda Punch.

New Switch eShop releases

River City Girls 2 – £35.99

The River City Girls are ready for round 2! When an old foe resurfaces, Misako, Kyoko, Kunio, and Riki – joined by newcomers Marian and Provie – hit the streets for an all-new beat-’em-up adventure packed with new abilities, enemies, environments, and more! Team up for local or online co-op, then pound punks into the dirt with brand-new guard-crush attacks, lift-off combos, double-team maneuvers, and other knuckle-busting techniques! Level-up to earn new moves, buy items and accessories in more than 30 shops, and recruit defeated foes and hired heavies to help you on your way! River City is bigger than ever, with more locations to explore, more objects to destroy, and a day-night cycle! With nonlinear gameplay, a dynamic story system, and another epic soundtrack by Megan McDuffee, River City Girls 2 will keep you brawling until all your enemies yell “BARF!”


In addition to all graphics being remastered in HD, fully voiced dialogue and new soundtrack arrangements make for a dynamic new retelling of a beloved classic.

CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION follows the story of Zack Fair, a young warrior admired by the boy destined to save the world, trusted by men renowned as heroes of legend, and loved by the girl who holds the fate of the planet in her hands. The tale of Zack’s dreams and honor—the legacy that connects him to Cloud—is revealed in full in this grand saga that has broken the limits of an HD remaster.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard Cloud

The cloud version of Resident Evil 7 biohazard offers the complete package of content for this acclaimed survival horror masterpiece, including all DLC and bonus content previously released. Experience the game that redefined a genre and revolutionised the Resident Evil series.

Chubby Cat 2 – £8.99

A fat cat who loves to eat all day is back now in this game even better than the first! Cut the wool yarn precisely to feed this lazy cat. This game is suitable for all age groups. You will have a lot of fun!

Wild Romance – £9.99

Kazuma leaves Tokyo and returns to his hometown in search of something more fulfilling. Reconnecting with his four childhood friends, he discovers a well-hidden fluffy secret. When the girls accidentally reveal that they are not mere humans but actually magical animal spirits in human form, Kazuma gets embroiled in a summer of fun and adventure he can’t resist.

Sumire is the fox and leader of the pack. She has a motherly instinct and a deep desire for romance. Tsubaki is the cat and second in command. She knows what she wants and she’s determined to get it. Aoi is the dog and full of life. She’s obedient, full of energy and always up for an adventure. The final girl, Nazuna is the tanuki or Japanese raccoon. She’s smart with a seductively creative mind but also a bit of a troublemaker.

This authentic Japanese visual novel follows the story of Kazuma as he learns the hidden secrets of his hometown and discovers a supernatural world within it. His adventures include mountain picnics, summer festivals, run-ins with the gods and swimming in a natural hot spring.

Wavetale – £24.99

Surf the waters of a submerged city! Fight gigantic sea monsters, save your neighbors and uncover the secrets hidden under the surface.

Explore the open sea and the decaying archipelago of Strandville in Wavetale, a story-driven action-adventure game introducing you to fed-up fishermen, secretive hermits—and maybe a pirate or two. Traverse calm waters and surging waves as Sigrid, a young girl who befriends a mysterious shadow that provides her with the power to walk on water.

Speed through the waves, swing yourself from housetops with your net, and defeat monstrous enemies to save the citizens of the islands. All with a little help from the shadows down below—and your cranky grandmother.

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance – £12.49

Take the role of Stella, a teenage girl who moves to a small town only to discover that it’s a secret community of cryptids. Determined to try to fit in during her final year of high school, Stella wants to make new friends and hopefully find romance, but it won’t be easy. Guide her decisions and interactions across a graphic hand-drawn adventure filled with drama and comical situations. Earn collectibles by remembering key details from conversations with your crushes.

Amongst the possible love interests, three cryptid teens lead the pack. Be charmed by Day, the magical fairy and self-deprecating artist, but watch out for her spooky ghost ex-girlfriend who seems determined to scare you off! Reunite with your childhood friend Taylor, the mysterious guitar-playing sasquatch while avoiding his band drama. Or finally, meet Robert, a fun-loving, dirt biking dinosaur who may or may not pull a prank on you at any given time. He’s all about the present, but his past is catching up to him. Make choices like who to call after school, who to drop off last, who to cheer up during the holidays and more to decide which cryptid you end up with. How will you spend Stella’s precious days?

Lil Gator Game – £16.75

Explore a lovingly crafted island full to the brim with areas to discover, friends to make and joy to be had. Each area of the island brings unique quests and characters to meet. Glide through the mountain tops and drop in on the Theatre Troupe kids, swing your stick sword through the forest with the Prep schoolers or find the ‘Cool Kids’ down in the Creaklands. With plenty more areas to discover, there’s no knowing who you might run into!

Aery – Path of Corruption – £9.99

The world is beautifully big and abstract and generally represents all thoughts that the protagonist has regarding his future.

Each level represents a different path that the protagonist could take. Discover the different paths, find their possible outcomes, and find a good future for your new friend.

Within the world, each level represents a different path that the protagonist could take and your task is to discover the different paths, find their possible outcomes, and help find a good future for the unknown protagonist.

Within this imaginary world, you have to find a certain amount of memory shards to advance with the story and unlock more possible paths into the future. Once you have found all memory shards you are free to explore the next paths.

Cosmo Dreamer – £7.29

What is Cosmo Dreamer?

A dreamy pop-art shooting game. A young girl sets off on a journey across the universe driven by pure curiosity. Venture on as you face various hurdles, fierce foes, new friends, and difficult goodbyes. Just what sort of dazzling sights will you set your eyes on in this game?

No need to be shy in this shooting game. The game is perfectly balanced so that everyone from absolute beginner to professional sniper can join in the fun.

Hero Hours Contract 2: A Factory for Magical Girls – £1.79

Join the Magical Science Angel, Genius Beauty Knight and Magical Girl (Provisional) 917B (Just call her ‘Bea’) as they navigate the free market of Magical Girl heroics.

Magical Girls are mysteriously disappearing, a suspicious new App has monopolised the magical job market, and something seems to be draining all the electricity in the city…

Cassiodora – £15.29

Princess Cassiodora has been kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Kenzar. To save her the chosen knights Agni, Colden and Luken must face a vast army of witches, ghosts, and demons across the Kingdom of Astoria.

To accomplish this feat, the druid Faramix grants Agni, Colden and Luken magic wings and elemental powers to help them on their quest.

Play with your friends or solo and shoot your way through this colorful shoot ’em up. Earn new items, customize your character, challenge yourself and face huge bosses.

Santa’s Holiday – £17.99

Sleighbells are ringing and Christmas is around the corner, but Santa has gone on vacation! Your assistance is urgently needed to make Christmas still happen. Help Nina and Elfin spread the joy of the holidays to all corners of the world. Prepare to match your way through the magical world of Christmas. Enjoy addictive gameplay as you earn money to decorate Santa’s home with festive ornaments. Use handy power-ups to beat the tricky levels. And enjoy the season’s spirit in this marvelous match 3 adventure.

Aka – £10.39

Find inner peace in a small, open-world game. On these carefully handcrafted islands, you can take a nap on a giant monster, feed baby dragons, take care of the fauna and flora…but demons from your past might come back to remind you what you want to forget.

Tropical Resort Story – £11.69

Develop a lush island full of nature and aim to be the no. 1 resort!

Build accommodation for your guests and get those tourists coming! Make the environment even nicer and discover great travel packages to give visitors the best vacation possible.

Develop the resort to make your guests’ dreams come true!

LogiKing – £13.99

LogiKing is a game where you utilize the effects of 10 cards numbered 0 to 9 and deduce your opponent’s hidden cards!

The rules are simple but have depth to allow for strategy and tactical thinking against your opponent. Ascend the throne and become the King of Logic!

Kawaii Slime Arena – £5.39

In Kawaii Slime Arena you will take control of Yui, an adorable young girl who will be forced to fight against some strange creatures: the slimes. A terrible plague that must be eliminated and the only one who will be able to face the invasion is Yui. But she will have at her disposal a large arsenal with different weapons. Use the power-ups to improve Yui’s power and kill all the slimes!

Elves Christmas Hentai Puzzle – £2.99

Solve puzzles with the cutest Christmas elf girls ever! Relocate, rotate, and swap tiles to form stunning pictures of pretty elves wearing Christmas-themed outfits, wrapped up in presents, or ready to kiss you under the mistletoe.

Feel festive and jolly exploring these decked 3D halls loaded with paintings of beautiful elves, as you get ready to begin each new puzzle. It’s the sweetest holiday gift!

The game offers a “random mode” that unlocks once you complete all puzzles.

Napoleon Maiden Episode.1 A maiden without the word impossible – £23.99

Character sprites are made using the E-mote animation system.

When they breathe, wink, or speak, it all looks very realistic.

Moreover, 2 theme songs sung by Haruka Shimotsuki and Akira Ouse are included!

Each character’s lines are fully dubbed in Japanese.

Panda Punch – £4.99

Panda Punch is a puzzle platformer game in which you have to control a bionic armed red panda and save the world from evil alien robots.

Along the way, you’ll solve puzzles on the levels, collect coins, look for super coins, and increase your abilities with the assistance of the blacksmith. Get ready to defeat intimidating bosses, and obtain innovative new abilities. Featuring 58 levels packed with traps, secrets, and enemies, there is so much to explore and discover.

Can you use your skills to help this red panda become a hero?

The Crackpet Show – £14.49

Rogue-lite Shoot’em-up

There are tons of enemies, dozens of weapons, lots of perks and items, randomized drop and map layouts, as well as carnivorous bosses for you to test your ability to beat the game with in-game items

The most bizarre TV Show

It’s cute. It’s colorful. It’s everything you love about old-school gore cartoons. This is your only opportunity to make a pink rabbit into a harbinger of death. Do not miss it!

Play solo or co-op

Play the game solo or get your friends to play with you, create elaborate tactics or mess around and try to steal your friend’s items and power-ups. The goal is to have fun and get famous, not to sit down crunching numbers. Though it’s also a thing if you are into it.

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