Atari reveals an Akka Arrh remake from Jeff Minter

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for Space Giraffe 2. Atari has revealed that Jeff Minter’s latest project is an Akka Arrh revival.

Unfamiliar with Akka Arrh? That’s understandable. Released in 1982, this arcade shoot’em up never entered full production, only receiving a market test. Players found it too difficult, so Atari went back to the drawing board. Only three cabinets are known to exist, although it did make a surprise appearance on the recent Atari 50 – so there is a way to play it in this modern era.

In typical Jeff Minter fashion, this revival features light-synth-style psychedelic colours and a warped sense of humour. Some visual effects can be turned off to assist with accessibility, Atari informs.  

Akka Arrh is named after the game’s star cannon. Using a fixed turret, it’s a case of preventing enemies from reaching a perimeter while beating back any that approach close range. 50 levels will feature, and players can choose to start from the beginning or carry on from where they left off.

Look out for it early next year on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Switch, and Atari VCS.