Elevator Action S-tribute set to start December with a bang

City Connection has two SEGA Saturn conversions on the horizon. The first, as reported during our new release round-up, is the cult Taito puzzler Cleopatra Fortune (also known as Cleopatra’s Fortune) from 1997.

The PSone version was released in the UK by Midas, often remembered for being one of the better £9.99 budget games.

The second release is more appealing still. The action-packed shooter Elevator Action Returns S-tribute is again based on the excellent Saturn conversion from 1997, only with new improvements. Not only is the original Elevator Action available from the outset (previously unlockable upon completion) but it’s now also possible to pick stages and carry weapons over.

Cleopatra Fortune S-tribute is due Nov 24th, while Elevator Action Returns S-tribute has a Dec 1st release date – or Nov 30th if you’re planning on buying the Steam version. Both games run on City Connection’s Zebra emulation engine, which supports quick saves and a rewind tool.

Taito also released Chase H.Q. Plus S.C.I, cult platformer Liquid Kids, and the much-loved Bubble Bobble on Saturn along with a handful of Darius and Bust-A-Move games. Chances are we may see some of these re-released in the future.

Matt Gander

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