Horse Club Adventures 2: Hazelwood Stories review

Here’s a child-tested review for you. In this family-friendly game, horse enthusiasts can catch up with Sofia, Lisa, Sarah, and Hannah at Lakeside Riding Stables. At the outset, you can customize your character and horse before taking on the main story. A tour of the stables, farm, and village let you see the area as you freely roam before starting your first mission and accepting side quests. All the different ways to care for your four-legged friend are explained too.

The first quest is a photography contest for the local newspaper which helps you navigate the menus and meet some of the people who live in the village. After a long day, you can head back to the stables to let your horse have some rest before beginning a new day with brand-new activities.

Keep in mind this is a short child-friendly game that has a very brief storyline and side quests. You can collect horseshoes, deliver messages and items to villagers, and participate in races. Items for your character and horse gradually unlock, along with the ability for your horse to sprint for longer.

My daughter (aged 8) played this game and she was not dissatisfied. The character and horse customization were a hit along with riding around with or without friends. The map itself is large with many different locations to visit or mini horse training games. My daughter became quite frustrated with some of the horse training as it starts off easy but can become tricky, resulting in her feeling a bit overwhelmed with navigating different options and maps.

The mini-games could have been better too, including the sprinting option which requires you to tap a button constantly.

She loved the music and sounds, the colourful graphics, and being able to roam freely on her horse which she decorated before every ride. Interacting with people and completing tasks was easy enough for her, but I did have to take over occasionally to unlock more clothes for her character and horse.

Fast travel would be a great option instead of getting stuck at one end of the map and having to navigate your way back to the stables. Minor issues, all told – this still gained a thumbs up from our junior playtester.

Wild River Games’ Horse Club Adventures 2: Hazelwood Stories is out now on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Switch.