Sonic Frontiers, Sifu, Atari 50, Rogue Legacy 2, Jurassic World Aftermath Collection, and Save Room hit the Switch

It’s a pre-Christmas miracle! Word has it not only is Sonic Frontiers pretty good, but it seems the Switch version compares favourably to PS4 and Xbox One versions. We did fear that a zippy open-world game may have been a little too demanding for the Switch, giving us flashbacks of the Balan Wonderworld debacle.

Having said all this, reviews of the Switch version of Frontiers are slow to surface. Nintendo Insider dished out a 7/10 while noting of blurry textures and pop-up. Spanish outlet Nintenderos opted for an 9.0, while Nintenduo went with an 8.5 – and should be commended for using Switch screenshots. The consensus is that as long as you aren’t expecting perfection, you’re in for a reasonably good time.

Kung Fu beat’em up Sifu also makes the jump from PS4 to Switch this week. Reviews are positive so far, including an 8/10 from Nintendo Life – who did warn of long loading times and framerate drops – and a 9.0 from Nintendo World Report.

“Unsurprisingly, there have been some visual compromises for the Nintendo Switch version that are more apparent in areas where the lighting and environment are more naturally visible, but it’s not offensively so and those more movie-like moments hide that beautifully,” said NWR.

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection is another conversion on the agenda, this time originally being an Oculus Quest VR game. It combines exploration with puzzle-solving. All the while, a trio of velociraptors are hot on your trail.

“The stealth isn’t translated well from VR but it’s serviceable albeit one-note. However, the presentation and music compliment the franchises ethos exceptionally, making it a competent Jurassic experience,” said Finger Guns before letting loose a 6/10.  

The recent Indie Direct has resulted in a trio of new titles making surprise appearances. These are Rogue Legacy 2 – with fresh 2.5D stylings, new classes, improved accessibility, and permanent ‘heirloom’ upgrades – cozy puzzler A Little to the Left, based around organising household objects, and the colourful theatrical adventure Once Upon a Jester.

Keep an eye out for Orbital Bullet too – a 360° shooter that looks set to combine Resogun with a run ‘n gun. We’ll have a review soon.  

On the subject of surprises (and dinosaurs, I guess) there’s also ARK: Dinosaur Discovery – a family-friendly educational spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved.

Then there’s Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration – due at retail and on the eShop – which features over 90 games, including Jaguar and Lynx titles. Emulation experts Digital Eclipse have also created six new games. We’re looking forward to this – Tempest 2000 alone makes it worthwhile. NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION Vol.2 also flies the flag for retro this week, bringing together ten titles – four already released on Switch, and six new – for £35.99.

If you’re done with Harvestella already– last week’s Square-Enix JRPG – the prolific publisher is back with Tactics Ogre: Reborn, a revised version of the 2010 original with improved graphics and sound – including music that has been re-recorded with live performances.

Also, look out for Save Room – a puzzler based on a certain horror game’s inventory management system – top-down racer Super Woden GP, 32-bit era inspired platformer Lunistice, SEGA’s Football Manager 2023 Touch – with new ‘Team Talks’ and a streamlined interface – and the TV show tie-in Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising.

New Switch eShop releases

Sifu – £35.99

Sifu is the story of a young Kung Fu student on a path of revenge, hunting for the murderers of his family. One against all, he has no allies, and countless enemies. He has to rely on his unique mastery of Kung Fu as well as a mysterious pendant to prevail, and preserve his family’s legacy.

Sonic Frontiers – £49.99

Worlds are colliding in Sonic the Hedgehog’s newest high-speed adventure! In search of the missing Chaos emeralds, Sonic becomes stranded on an ancient island teeming with unusual creatures. Battle hordes of powerful enemies as you explore a breathtaking world of action, adventure, and mystery. Accelerate to new heights and experience the thrill of high-velocity, open-zone platforming freedom as you race across the five massive Starfall Islands. Jump into adventure, wield the power of the Ancients, and fight to stop these new mysterious foes. Welcome to the evolution of Sonic

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising – £39.99

Eagle Fang, Cobra Kai, Miyagi-do – Which is your dojo? That choice begins your journey, but then it’s up to you to recruit the most powerful team as you master your fighting style and battle to solidify your dojo’s LEGACY as the All Valley Karate Grand Champion!

Football Manager 2023 Touch – £34.99

Football Manager 2023 Touch empowers you to take charge of the world’s biggest football clubs by zoning in on the essential areas of football management.

You’ll start by creating your managerial avatar and style, and then it’s time to showcase your skills on the tactics board. Plug and play with some of football’s most popular playing styles, such as Gegenpress and Tiki-Taka.

Work with your backroom team to level up your player recruitment. With a dream squad full of global superstars and wonderkids, it won’t be long until you’re racking up trophy wins at home and abroad.

On Matchdays, you’ll dictate the tempo. Accelerate your progress with the ‘Instant Result’ option or savour the action with a range of camera angles from the digital dugout.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn – £44.99

Based on the 2010 release, the game features improved graphics and sound, as well as updated game design, bringing to life a new Tactics Ogre that remains true to its roots. Tactics Ogre veterans will experience a game that surpasses their fondest memories, while players new to Tactics Ogre will discover a game unlike any they’ve ever played. Reborn and deeper than ever, the game enables players to immerse themselves in the world and intrigue of Tactics Ogre like never before.

Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration – £35.99

Join the celebration! Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration takes you on an interactive journey through 50 years of video games.

At the heart of Atari 50 are the Interactive Timelines, which combine historical trivia, digital artifacts, over 60 minutes of new interviews, documentary footage, and playable games into one cohesive experience. When you encounter a game in the Timelines, you can immediately play it without losing your place.

The massive selection of over 100 games spans seven different platforms: Arcade, 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8-bit computers, and, for the first time ever on modern consoles, Atari Lynx and Jaguar! Play the classics like Tempest 2000, Asteroids, and Yars’ Revenge, or dive into some deeper cuts.

Behind every game are the stories of Atari, what was happening at the company, and what went into the creation of the games and the hardware on which they ran, all told by the people who were there.

Saint Kotar – £30.99

In this story-and-choice driven psychological horror detective game, you play as Benedek and Nikolay – two troubled godly men in search for their missing relative in an ancient God-devoted town called Sveti Kotar. Here, an unknown presence preys upon the weak and sways on devil worship and witchcraft. Evidence points to your missing relative being involved in the grisly murders and the occult, but what is the truth? Are you also to blame for what happened?

Will you put the pieces together and unravel the truth behind the town’s centuries-old horrid presence? Or is madness going to be your fate?

Tempoknight – £7.19

Tempoknight is 2D Wave Based Endless Fighting Game,

Design your character the way you want! and join the Battles!

Save Room – £4.99

When you enter a Save Room you know you are safe, no danger can come to you, you can relax.

Take advantage of this short period of time to organize your inventory, heal your wounds and reload your weapons. Can you make all the items fit in your inventory?

Save Room is an organizational puzzle about arranging your inventory of weapons, ammo, and other items to fit in your inventory.

Lunistice – £TBA

Lunistice is a 3D Platformer created with simple & fun gameplay and a cute PS1/SEGA Saturn inspired artstyle in mind. Take the role of Hana the Tanuki and jump and fight through her dreams!

Brain Memory – £4.49

Brain Memory improves on the classic formula of memory games. It lets you increase the difficulty level at your own pace, and customize challenges to one’s taste.

Our brains are the most important tools of the XXI century. Do your child a favor, and give thema gift that will help them reach their full potential.

Windosill – £8.99

Explore a series of landscapes populated by objects and creature that come alive with your engagement. Push, pull, drag, toss, and spin your way through ten tactile puzzles—your curiosity will be rewarded by moments of surprise and delight. Designed to be completed in a single afternoon, Windosill is suitable for kids and imaginative adults alike.

Lord of the Click III – £4.49

Let’s do it thrice! Hell yeah! As you might have already guessed, it’s the third coming of the legendary Lord of the Click series — and now it’s a trilogy. Is there anything more to add? But of course!

LotC 3 concludes the epic story of our Clicker General who wages war against all enemies of the peaceful and prosperous kingdom! Kazakh game developer improved the game’s formula with a solid amount of new features: new way to summon units, plenty of meaningful upgrades and updated visuals so you can enjoy the pastoral cartoonish landscapes with fierce battles raging on. You know you want to experience Lord of the Click once more with all these shiny new additions!

Fluffy Horde – £8.99

You are the only thing standing between a magical rabbit-mancer “Shaman” and the complete anihilation of the Three Kingdoms.

Fluffy Horde is a 2D side-scrolling game with a crystal clear goal. Defend against a magical bunny horde with hyper-breeding tendencies. Halt their offensive or die of embarassment.

Stop the armies of fluffiness by commanding your warriors, archers and… many insane individuals. Seriously we even got a humanoid carrot that will take a rabbit bullet for you.

If you free enough cities, you might even discover the reason behind this insane invasion. First Rabbit War starts in 3…2…1!

Kamikaze Veggies – £11.69

Red, communist vegetables want to take control over the world. Only a special squad of veggies – warriors can stop them. If you like absurd humor and a breath of adventure on your back, then you’ve come to the right place!

Kamikaze Veggies is a game where the wrong move means death. Keep your eyes peeled! You need to be focused to react quickly to a threat. If you are smart, you have a chance of a successful mission. When the frontline situation is dire, use a kamikaze blast. This is the specialty of the rebel crew.

Red communist vegetables are your enemy. They are cruel and ruthless bastards. They want to take control of the whole world. Reds are better armed, and their troops contain GMO mutants – extremely aggressive beasts.

It’s Kooky – £8.99

The black-and-white doodle art-style images make for a challenging game.

Do jellyfish wear shoes?

Find characters and objects all over the doodle map that don’t actually connect. Hurry up! The clock is ticking.

The farther into the forest

More levels will be unlocked after collecting the required points. It’s going to get harder and harder, because time is chasing and you have more and more silly characters to find.

Chalk Gardens – £5.39

You are a brave and imaginative child

Talk to the plush and chalk-drawn creatures. Find blank hats and figure out how to get to harder to reach places.

React to events

Choose the best solution from one of three animals: the brave lion, the calm and patient turtle and the wise owl.

Great game for kids

Through great fun, take care of your children’s social skills development, teach them patience and how to find the right solution.

Super Woden GP – £10.99

Will you be able to reach the top of the motorsport world? Your story in Super Woden GP will see your career grow from limited resources and budget to championships across a multitude of intense racing events. Buy a cheap car and sign up for your first races, then use your winnings to acquire better vehicles, compete in bigger races and advance to the top! Explore rally races, arcade mode, endurance events and more in the nostalgic isometric racing style of Super Woden GP.

ARK: Dinosaur Discovery – £8.99

Take a journey through the epochs in this family-friendly educational experience that invites players to learn about the fascinating prehistoric creatures which inspired ARK: Survival Evolved.

Explore The Island across land, sea and air where you can discover 64 dinosaurs, all based on their real life, prehistoric counterparts. Ride a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex across the beautiful landscape, soar above the tree tops on the back of a Pteranodon, and even glide through the oceans while riding an ancient Megalodon Shark!

Unlock each creature’s Dino Book for fun-filled science facts and illustrations, all voiced by Madeleine Madden (ARK: The Animated Series, The Wheel of Time) as HLN-A. Cap off your adventure with a custom-built base, choosing from a variety of over 30 building pieces unlocked throughout your adventures.

Can you discover all of the Dinosaurs and become the Ultimate Explorer?


?This collection contains ten titles in total, including four that are currently sold separately—meaning six new titles have been added!

?Play through a varied lineup of genres from sports, puzzles, table games, and more!

?Features Re-wind functions so game overs are a thing of the past!

?Take on a friend in either Tabletop or Handheld Modes!

Rogue Legacy 2 – £22.49

Rogue Legacy 2 is a genealogical rogue-LITE. That means it has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like, but with persistent upgrades, and persistent heirs. In this game, your legacy defines you. Spend your inheritance, grow the family manor, and give your children a better fighting chance.

Each child is unique, with their own traits and abilities. One daughter could be vampiric Ranger, while another could be a vegan Chef. It’s a new experience every time. RL2 also lets you play how you want to. Go hard and fast, and dive deeper into the depths of a randomly-generated world. Or take it slow and steady and build your character up until you’re ready for greater challenges.

A Little to the Left – £12.99

Sort, stack, and organize household objects into just the right spot in A Little to the Left, a tidy puzzle game with a mischievous cat who likes to shake things up!

Once Upon a Jester – £12.99

Embark on an adventure as Jester – you and your best friend Sok travel the kingdom to improvise shows and perform on stages far and wide. Sing your hearts out, crack jokes and impress audiences to bond with your companions and become the star of the famous Royal Theatrical Spectacle!

Best friends Sok & Jester devise a mischievous scheme to steal the Royal Diamond!

To complete their master plan, they will need to start an improv theatre show and outperform all the other artists. Becoming the best show in the kingdom is the only way to get invited to the Royal Theatrical Spectacle inside the Royal Palace, where the gem is kept.

They embark on a grand adventure across the kingdom, meeting scores of wacky characters, performing improvised shows and singing their hearts out. Along the way, they discover the freedom and happiness that creative arts bring them. Will they change their wicked ways?

Orcen Axe – £3.19

Orcen Axe is a 2d pixel metroidvania. As the orc Drak, you’ll have to face a world that’s not at all like you remember it. Use your magical axe in creative ways — learn new attacks, wield elemental powers and dash high into the skies. This journey has a lot in store for you: Travel through the war-torn countryside, the cliffs at the end of the world, explore ruined cities, caverns and abandoned mines, and restore the kingdom to its former glory.

Rush Hour® Deluxe – The ultimate traffic jam game! – £17.99

Can you skilfully manoeuvre the red car out of the traffic jam? Slide the vehicles blocking it in their lanes forwards and backwards – until the road ahead is clear for the red car!

Not only can you play Rush Hour® Deluxe alone, but go head-to-head with other players to measure your brainpower: who will solve the challenges in the quickest time and with the fewest moves?

Geometric Sniper – £2.49

In lively and varied environments, designed exclusively for this game, you will not have a second chance, precision is everything!

When taking the mission, pay attention to the photo and information obtained by secret agents about your target. As a Sniper, you need to have a good memory to find and eliminate the target in the crowd before it runs away and makes another victim.

In all game modes the locations of targets and objects are random, so you can have a lot more fun!

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection – £24.99

Crash-landing on Isla Nublar after the fall of the Jurassic World theme park, players find themselves trapped in an abandoned research facility when their mission to recover valuable information goes disastrously wrong. To survive, they’ll need to explore and solve puzzles while evading a menagerie of ferocious dinosaurs, including ravenous Pteranodons, cunning Velociraptors and the terrifying T. rex.

Space Ducks: The great escape – £4.49

In Space Ducks: The great escape, complete challenging Sokoban-like puzzles, by moving the Space Ducks in the right sequence, in order to reach the power source their ship requires and travel to the next planet.

But tread lightly, as walking on loose ground will propel into space what ever is standing on the other side. One duck’s progress could mean another duck´s demise!

And even if a duck goes solo (years of living on precarious planets have turned the ducks into a somewhat callous people), remember that their is no escaping gravity and that one false move could bring your mission to a crashing conclusion.


With a support line that shows the trajectory of the ball, even first-time players and those who are not good at the game can enjoy the game.

Experience billiard game with realistic motion!

There are three modes to choose from: “Tournament,” “Single Mode,” and “Battle Mode.”

Aim for a high score at your own pace or compete with other players or rival characters!!

Cyber Velocity Run – £6.29

You thrown into mysterious speedrunning facility where journey begins.

Hand-Crafted levels designed to be puzzling and unexpected. Everything can and will destroy you if you move to slow. On top of everything whole place is being tracked. Find whos behind all this.

Pixel Game Maker Series ANGEL’S BLOOD – £9.29

The girl with the strength to defeat large androids with a single blow, Minase Akari.

The rebel with the hacking skills to survive in an AI-controlled society, Sakura Kurono.

A connection borne in battle and strengthened through the desire to destroy the Command Angel AI.

Enjoy seeing their attempts to understand each other as their journey continues to an exciting climax!

The “Pixel Game Maker Series” is a series of games created using the action game creation software “Pixel Game Maker MV” that can be enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch™.

Geometric Feel the Beats – £4.49

Don’t like dying over and over again? Then your problems are over!

In “Geometric Feel The Beat” you don’t have to worry about that, you have fun fulfilling the missions and accumulate points. The accumulated rank points are not just for you to show others your rank, they are also used to buy your ship’s upgrades. Rating points can make you use the rating, so be careful when buying, but buying upgrades makes your life in the game easier. Here you decide!

Watch out for the Power ups that are in the level, they are accompanied by big surprises!

Machinika Museum – £0.00

Machinika Museum is a mystery game where you discover beautiful and mysterious alien machines in an atmospheric galaxy-spanning 3D puzzle game.

THE Bass Fishing – £12.59

Go bigger, go heavier! Bag monster bass with your awesome fishing skills! Experience the excitement of competitive bass fishing!

We’ve recreated rod and reel controls, the joy of fishing, with the Joy-Con™! The realistic graphics make you feel like you’re really there, letting you enjoy real bass fishing anytime, wherever you are!

Don’t worry if you’re new to bass fishing, either! We’ve got a ton of tutorials ready to help you, including a fully-realized campaign where a instructor goes over the basics of what lures to use where, where to find what fish, and what techniques to use on them!

Enjoy exhilarating fishing tournaments anywhere, with local console-to-console multiplayer supporting up to 8 players, and online multiplayer up to 12! Become the world’s best angler!

Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk and Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk -£7.19

A short story about what sort of challenges everyday little things can be. Help the girl buy milk, be the first not to disappoint her.

The game is a small visual novel, showing either funny abstraction and wordplay or painful psychological episodes. The claim that history is based on real events will be too specific, so it is easier to pretend that it is just a set of abstractions and wordplay.

First of all, this is an artistic manipulation with word and form, only then – a game.

This product includes both the first and the second part of the series: “Milk Inside A Bag Of Milk Inside A Bag Of Milk” and “Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk Outside A Bag Of Milk”.

Orbital Bullet – £17.99

Orbital Bullet is a fast paced 360° action-platformer with rogue-lite elements, where all actions take place in a circular pattern. Fight your way through a variety of procedural planets and use body modifications, crafting, upgrades and heavy weaponry.

Next week: Pokémon Scarlet, Pokémon Violet, Slime’s Journey, SMURFS KART, RWBY: Arrowfell, The Kingdom of Gardenia, Super Chicken Jumper, Extinction Eclipse, My Fantastic Ranch, The Awakening of Mummies, Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days, Chompy Chomp Chomp Party, Starsand, Wobbledogs, Goodbye World, Succubus With Guns, McPixel 3, Foretales, and The Bounty Huntress.