Amiga games are coming to the Evercade

The headline more or less says it all for this piece – Amiga games are coming to the Evercade, as revealed during the Amiga 37 event in Germany last weekend.

To elaborate a tad further, manufacturer Blaze has been given permission to license and publish Amiga games on their range of Evercade handhelds and consoles. It sounds as if we can expect collections that feature games from various publishers, rather than carts focusing on a single studio’s library.

Blaze are seeking out ‘pick up and play’ titles, which presumably means nothing complex that originally required a full keyboard and mouse. Blaze has released collections from Gremlin, Codemasters, and Team17 before – all of which developed and published Amiga games. It’s highly likely that they’re are in talks to release their Amiga back catalogues too.

We may also see titles that were previously included on the Amiga 500 Mini.

Evercade Amiga carts will be packaged in blue – the colour Blaze are using for their home computer line. A C64 collection is due to launch at the start of November, kickstarting the new range.