Arkanoid Eternal Battle will feature a 25-player online Battle Royale

Pastagames are putting the finishing touches on Arkanoid Eternal Battle ahead of its 27th October release. A physical version is planned too (8th November in the US), including a limited edition with stickers, a digital soundtrack, a 3D lenticular, and exclusive in-game bonuses.

Published by Microids and licensed by Taito, Arkanoid Eternal Battle will include a new Battle Royale mode where 25 players can complete online.

Players have infinite lives, but every lost ball decreases your score by 10%. The lowest scoring players are eliminated frequently, until just four remain. This is when DOH appears – and a chance to rack up extra points. DOH removes a player every 45 seconds, until a champion emerges.

This mode forms just part of the experience. Retro mode plays like the 1986 arcade original, solo mode Neo introduces new blocks, bonuses, and effects, while Versus features 2-4 player split-screen.

It’s heading to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Switch.

For those eager to sharpen their brick-breaking skills, a demo is available now on Steam.