1000xRESIST invites you to explore the mind of the last human alive

Narrative-driven adventure 1000xRESIST is very much a case of new beginnings, being the debut title from the Vancouver-based Sunset Visitor.

For what appears to be quite an abstract experience, it isn’t too tricky to explain the premise: taking place in the future, where the air has become unbreathable, all that exists is a sisterhood of eccentric clones who spend their days worshiping the last human on earth – the ALLMOTHER.

Playing as a clone known as WATCHER, it’s a case of examining the ALLMOTHER’s memories – including the past, present, and future. A story unfolds over several chapters, each with a unique style and feel. Decision-making plays a key part, and a cast of Asian-Canadian actors will provide a full voiceover. Visually, it also appears to take inspiration from both Eastern and Western media.  

“We are a group of creators with experience across dance, theatre, music, film, visual arts, and new media, and 1000xRESIST is truly a reflection of that diversity,” said Remy Siu, Founder, CEO & Creative Director of Sunset Visitor.

“We are a collective of (majority) Asian-Canadian diaspora, and 1000xRESIST draws from our team’s experience as first/second generation immigrants, but does so with the freewheeling storytelling of Yoko Taro, Red Candle Games, Satoshi Kon, and even the theatre of Robert Wilson. We look forward to sharing this sci-fi story awash in the Asian diasporic psyche, they continued.

1000xRESIST is due out next year on Switch, Steam, GOG, Humble, and the Epic Game Store. Or PC and Switch, in fewer words.

Matt Gander

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