Song of Iron 2 set to offer more harmonious hack ‘n slashing

The side-scrolling hack ‘n slash platformer Song of Iron, inspired by Norse mythology, gains a sequel next year.

As revealed during today’s Microsoft Xbox Showcase, the solo-developed Song of Iron 2 is heading to Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC.

It continues the story of Breka – allowing our fearless lead to fully embrace the “Chainbreaker” name bestowed by Odin. Merciless melee combat is promised, with a focus on scavenging for weapons.

Locations will include ancient forests, swamplands, and snow-capped mountains, while the enemy assortment comprises of foes new and old – including goblins, trolls, draugr, Imperium guards, and almighty Gods.

“I am excited to finally reveal part two of the Song of Iron saga! I am taking player feedback and everything I learned from the first game and pouring it into Song of Iron 2,” said Joe Winter, solo developer and founder of Resting Relic.

“Song of Iron 2 is a direct continuation of Brekka Chainbreaker’s story, but I’ll make sure to catch players that missed the first game up, so everyone will be able to jump right in and play! I’m also looking forward to players who sign up to check out the demo,” they continued.

The original Song of Iron reviewed well with critics. The Metacritic for the Xbox Series version stands at 74%, while the PC version tallies at 71%.