Team17 to publish sinister fishing adventure DREDGE

Fishing games are usually relaxing affairs. DREDGE stands out as quite the exception – it’s a sinister fishing adventure with a mystery to unravel. Darkness, thrashing tentacles, and large sea creatures with glowing eyes – it’s the complete opposite of SEGA’s blue-sky set Get Bass Fishing.

You play as a down-on-their-luck fisherman, out to explore several remote isles while gathering fish and deep-sea treasures. The isle’s peculiar locals provide quests and will purchase your spoils. Money can then be spent on improving your vessel to reach more secluded spots.

An air of mystery is promised, with each location having its own stories, inhabitants, and wildlife. To survive night-time fishing trips, a strengthened mind will be required. The trailer below reveals something sinister lurks within the water’s depths (which is also true of most UK seaside locations currently.)

DREDGE is being developed by Black Salt Games and set to be published on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and Switch next year.