BitWave are bringing Toaplan and Sunsoft classics to console and PC, including Zero Wing

Now under the wing of the all-encompassing Embracer Group, developer and publisher BitWave has announced plans to re-release a host of retro classics.

This will include a handful of Toaplan shooters for PC, marking the first time they have graced the format in over 25 years.

The first due out the door are Out Zone and Zero Wing – the classic meme originator – with Truxton and Twin Cobra to follow. We’re slightly jealous that Truxton isn’t coming to consoles.

Achievements, online leaderboards, auto-checkpoints, new ‘very easy’ modes, and input options will feature. Sidebar indicators, too.

Then via City Connection and Sunsoft comes a re-release of the 1992 NES platformer Gimmick! This cheery endeavour is due on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC digitally with a physical release planned via Clear River Games.

Expect achievements, a rewind tool, save states, a time attack mode, and a gallery. This news follows Sunsoft’s plans to bounce back into the industry.

“We are thrilled to become part of the Embracer family with all the possibilities it offers, including the opportunity to expand our development and work with legendary retro IPs. Our fantastic team hopes to create new titles and bring back classic games with the same level of passion that inspired us in our childhood. Bitwave Games and Freemode are a match made in heaven, and I can’t wait to announce even more!” said Bitwave Games CEO and founder Niklas Istenes.

Gimmick! Special Edition

Zero Wing

Out Zone