THQ Nordic is giving Alone in the Dark a Capcom-style reboot

When THQ Nordic acquired the Alone in the Dark franchise rights in 2018, we expected them to simply re-release the older games in the series and perhaps give the much-maligned 2008 entry a HD makeover. Turns out they had far greater plans – a full-on franchise reboot has been revealed, seemingly taking inspiration from Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 & 3 remakes.

Swedish studio Pieces is at the helm, and some talent is being assigned to the project. Mikael Hedberg, cult horror writer of SOMA and Amnesia, is behind the story – a tale of psychological horror – while Guillermo del Toro collaborator Guy Davis is supporting monster design. ‘Doom Jazz’ musician Jason Köhnen is helping to create an unnerving atmosphere, meanwhile.  

The game itself is set in South America during the 1920s, and while it features a new story, characters, places, and themes from the original trilogy will be incorporated. Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood will both be playable, with screenshots suggesting a third-person behind-the-shoulder view, similar to the celebrated Resident Evil 4.

It’s heading to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC, with no release date information to share at present.

THQ Nordic announced a handful of other new titles during their recent digital showcase, including Three Fields Entertainment’s track-editing focused Wreckreation, and AEW: Fight Forever – from prolific wrestling developer Yukes. That last one is due on all formats, including Switch, which is pleasing to see given the dearth of decent wrestling games on the system.