Out this week: Two Point Campus, Arcade Paradise, Cult of the Lamb, Rumbleverse, Voyage, more

It’s a case of quality over quantity this week – only a handful of new releases per format, but the majority appear to be worthy of your valuable time.

Two Point Campus makes its debut as an Xbox Game Pass release, and unlike Two Point Hospital, the Switch version launches day one also.

Whereas Two Point Hospital was a riff on the much-loved Theme Hospital, Two Point Campus is far more inspired – a case of creating your own university while balancing education and entertainment.

The Metro called it “A delightful, humour-infused, and very British university management simulator with Nintendo-esque levels of polish and depth that’s introduced so gently you barely notice it.” Reviews of the Switch version have been slower to surface but appear to be positive so far.

Arcade Paradise also takes the form of a management game. Or God Sim, as they were once called. After inheriting a rundown laundromat, it’s a case of trying to convince the protagonist’s father that turning it into an arcade would be far more profitable.

The laundromat must be tended during the day, using the profits to then expand the range of cabinets in the back room. All arcade games are fully playable – including a match-three puzzler, a Mr. Driller clone, and dozens more – and there’s a whole suite of management options. It’s due on all formats, with a physical release coming soon.

Then there’s Cult of the Lamb from Devolver Digital. Like the above two games, this too bares an original premise – to forge a cult of followers while cleansing non-believers and performing rituals, all within a randomly generated world. Just to balance out the satanism, it features deceivingly cutesy visuals.

Other new releases include Rumbleverse – described as Fortnite with fisticuffs – the anime deck builder Super Bullet Break, side-scrolling cinematic adventure Voyage, and the pixel-art RPG Book Quest.

Also, keep an eye out for the imaginative feel-good adventure Lost in Play on Switch. We’ll have a full eShop round-up later this week.

New release trailers

Two Point Campus

Arcade Paradise

Cult of the Lamb



Super Bullet Break

Book Quest

New multiformat releases

  • Two Point Campus
  • Arcade Paradise
  • Cult of the Lamb
  • Voyage
  • Rumbleverse
  • Book Quest

New on PSN

  • Super Bullet Break
  • Highway Driving
  • Weben Blocks 2
  • Snow Journey: Nitro

New Switch retail releases

  • Two Point Campus
  • Among Us Impostor Edition
  • Among Us Ejected Edition
  • Oxide Room 104

Next week: Madden NFL 23, Way of the Hunter, Rollerdrome, Little League World Series Baseball 2022, Cursed to Golf, Slaycation Paradise, My Hero Ultra Rumble, RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, We Are OFK, Dyna Bomb 2, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, A Tale of Paper: Refolded, and Tilesweeper.