Street Artist Simulator announced for 2024, will feature co-op play

Say what you want about simulator games, but at least you always know what you’re getting into, whether it’s farming, pressure washing, or becoming a street artist.  

Street Artist Simulator gives the chance to become the next Banksy…or perhaps one of those annoying twerps that doodle wangers everywhere. A Wanksy.

Set in a large city, and featuring parkour as a means to get around, it’s a case of making a name for yourself while avoiding fights and the long arm of the law.

Hacking will reportedly play a part, giving access to harder-to-reach areas, ergo more prime graffiti locations. Paid assignments will also provide the cash needed to buy new accommodation. And of course, there will be tools to create your own tags and artwork – if the screenshots are to go by, this takes the form of a sketchbook, and stencils will feature.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the chance to play co-op – it’s possible to graffiti over a friend’s work, creating a rivalry, or work together to decorate key areas.

Due out in 2024 (no, that isn’t a typo), Street Artist Simulator is developed by Polish studio Shining Games and set to be published by Games Box S.A.

It’s slated to hit PC first, with console versions to follow. The trailer can be found after the all-important developer quotes.

“Above all this game is about giving a lot of freedom and opportunities to show creativity. The distinguishing feature of Street Artist Simulator will be a combination of creativity and fast and dynamic action. Players will find a pretty large city with different districts and a whole bunch of unique spots, which of course can be accessed, although not always in an easy or convenient way. To remain elusive, it may sometimes be necessary to hack the city’s infrastructure, or simply run away, where parkour skills will prove helpful, or even get into a fight, as a last resort,” said Tomasz Supel, CEO of Games Box S.A.

Michal Szmygin, creator and head of Shining Games, had something to say too: “The gameplay and painting mechanics, offering a lot of satisfaction, even when for those who in real life have nothing to do with making graffiti, is extremely important to us. The players will receive an extensive editor, where the only barrier will virtually be their imagination. Graphics will decorate our city, but we will also be able to, as it were, visit other players’ cities and paint over their graffiti in the heat of the rivalry to become a street art legend. A co-op mode will also be available, where players can together cover with graffiti some specific spots.”

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