‘QUByte Classics: Thunderbolt Collection by PIKO’ announced

QUByte and PIKO’s next multiformat retro re-release is a bit of an oddity.

QUByte Classics: Thunderbolt Collection by PIKO – to use its full title – brings together two rare and obscure unlicensed Taiwanese shoot’em ups.

Thunderbolt did the rounds on the Famicom bootleg scene in 1993, while Thunderbolt II made it to Mega Drive in 1995, again as an unlicensed title.

Current IP holder PIKO has re-released Thunderbolt II once before, giving it a physical release in 2019.

While the series doesn’t appear to offer much in the way of innovation, it does pride itself on offering a well-balanced difficulty level that’s friendly to newcomers.

This digital package will include an English translation, the ability to remap controls, four screen filters, and three display options. Save states will also feature.

It’s due August 4th on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Switch. There’s no word pricing yet. However, previous collections have sold for around £6-£8.