Terraforming twin-stick shooter Aniquilation launches July 27th

If you’re in the mood for a twin-stick shooter, then we have some good news – Aniquilation launches July 27th on Steam and consoles. That’s providing you don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks, of course.

Terraforming is the big attraction here, giving chance not to just use the environment as a weapon, but to set up recovery bases and infrastructures that upgrade and unlock ships.

Your craft is also armed with a sword that can be used to throw and reflect anything found above ground, and five different projectiles will feature.

Third-person tunnel sequences should help induce variety.

It’s going all-in with PVP multiplayer modes, including Goal (football), Defend the Base, Free For All, and the virus-spreading Contagion.

Aniquilation is being developed by the Colombia-based R-Next and is set to be published by Gamera Games. We probably aren’t alone in thinking it looks quite similar to Nano Assault Neo on Wii U.

Matt Gander

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