Bright Memory: Infinite set for a July 21st release on consoles – Switch screenshots revealed

After a lengthy three-year development cycle, the visually impressive sci-fi FPS Bright Memory: Infinite launches July 21st on PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch.  

It will include all paid DLC from the PC version – which launched last November and currently has ‘very positive’ reviews on Steam – and those who own the prelude Bright Memory on Xbox Series will be entitled to a 20% discount.

You may recall Bright Memory: Infinite from the Xbox Series reveal, especially the part where it was reported to be the work of a solo indie developer. FYQD Studio, founded by Zeng Xiancheng, is based in China – hence the game’s focus on Chinese mythology.

In Bright Memory: Infinite, you play as special agent Shelia – who wields not just firearms and a sword but can harness psychic abilities as well. She faces off against a military conspiracy and demons summoned from a black hole.

Xbox Series and PS5 versions support 4K resolution with raytracing, running at a locked 60fps. 120fps mode can be enabled – providing your TV is capable – while the PS5 version will additionally feature DualSense adaptive trigger support.

The Switch version, meanwhile, is a bespoke conversion with gyroscopic aiming and multi-sampling of TAA anti-aliasing. TV mode will support up to 1080p.

Two screenshots from the Switch iteration are below – all signs point to another miracle port. A trailer has also been released.

“My partners and I took the time to ensure that Bright Memory Infinite plays great no matter which system you choose,” said Zeng.

“We know that Bright Memory: Infinite will set a new benchmark for what indies can do on console hardware, they continued.

Bright Memory: Infinite – Release Date Trailer

Bright Memory: Infinite – Switch Trailer