New Evercade double-pack will include Alwa’s Awakening and Cathedral

Following the popularity of their Xenocrisis/Tanglewood double indie game cart, Evercade has revealed a similar two-game package.

Cart number 27 will include Alwa’s Awakening from Elden Pixels and a native port of Cathedral from Decemberborn. That’s to say, Cathedral isn’t an emulated version – it’s a bespoke and fully optimised conversion.  

Pre-orders go live July 29th ahead of an October 2022 release.

Alwa’s Awakening is a puzzle filled “Metroidvania” with an interconnected map, authentic to the NES era. We made good headway on the Xbox One version a while ago but sadly never got around to reviewing it. What we played, we enjoyed.

It managed to spawn a sequel, Alwa’s Legacy, too.

Cathedral was released on PC in 2019 and features similar 8-bit style pixel art, offering 600 rooms – spread across dungeons, towns, and hidden areas – to explore and monsters to slay. It’s defined as a modern retro experience and has ‘mostly positive’ reviews on Steam.

“With the great success of the Xenocrisis/Tanglewood collection, we’ve made a space where we can celebrate all facets of indie development from grass roots and homebrew all the way to larger scale titles and projects. This collection of Alwa’s Awakening 8-Bit Edition and Cathedral also marks our first completely native port of a game to Evercade, meaning we are no longer bound by emulation only. The gates are now truly open,” says Marketing Manager Sean Cleaver.

Matt Gander

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