Management sim Arcade Paradise opens its doors 11th August

Wired Productions’ arcade management sim Arcade Paradise will launch 11st August on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

Set in 1993, it gives the chance to not just create and expand your own arcade but also features the ability to play the 35+ games contained within. Expect plenty of classic arcade game homages, plus mechanical games such as ‘Whack A Mole’.

The retail release, now due 25th August on Switch, will include goodies – such as a poster, stickers, reversible sleeve, and EP download – for a modest £19.99 on PS5/PS4 and £24.99 on Switch.

Two new videos accompany today’s news. The first is a release date trailer, voiced by Doug Cockle – Geralt in The Witcher series. Earphone warning – he gets quite shouty. The second is a short ‘Making Of’ detailing what goes into making each playable arcade game.  

Release Date Trailer

Insert Coin: The Making of

The official Arcade Paradise Discord launches today, featuring exclusive content and an opportunity to register for the closed beta. Modern day gaming, eh?

Matt Gander

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