Bad taste 3D platformer Hell Pie launches in July

Obscene 3D platformer Hell Pie is being served up next month, arriving on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Steam.

You play as Nate, the Demon of Bad Taste, who’s out to find ingredients for Satan’s birthday bash – with the centerpiece being the titular hell pie. Nate isn’t alone in his quest, with his pet cherub – affectionately known as Nugget – offering his holy insight.

The two are tethered by a chain, allowing Nugget to be swung around as a weapon or used as a grappling hook. Expect plenty of repugnant characters, crass humour, and twisted sights.

“We’re sure anyone who shares our love of classic 3D platforming is going to like what we are cooking up!” said Christian Patorra, Sluggerfly’s CEO.

Developed by German outfit Sluggerfly, Hell Pie is set to be published by Headup. Grab it by the horns on 21st July.