Mega Drive first-person shooter Zero Tolerance gains a re-release

Mega Drive/Genesis first-person shooter Zero Tolerance is about to receive a re-release on consoles via PIKO Interactive and QUByte Classics.

Originally released in 1993, Zero Tolerance was developed by Technopop – a studio that also created invaluable tools for Genesis developers, working closely with SEGA. As such, they had a very good understanding of how the 16-bit hardware performed, which eventually resulted in Zero Tolerance – one of the console’s few first-person games.

It could even be played in co-op with two consoles linked together via a Network Link Cable. Reviews were generally positive.

A sequel known as Beyond Zero Tolerance was in development, again for Mega Drive/Genesis, but was cancelled. A prototype has been available online for years, released by Technopop themselves, revealing that it fixed a lot of the original’s faults.

This new package, referred to as The Zero Tolerance Collection in the press release, brings together the original, Zero Tolerance Underground – details of which are seemingly non-existent online – and a demo for Beyond Zero Tolerance, now known as Zero Tolerance Beyond.

Features include a choice of screen sizes, four-screen filters, and five save slots per game. Controls can also be remapped.

Two physical releases will be available from Strictly Limited Games. The Limited Edition will cost €29.99 /$34.99 and comes with a colour manual, while the Special Limited Edition will include posters, stickers, a original soundtrack CD, and more for €49.99/$55.99.

There’s no release date yet but we imagine it’ll surface within a month or so. Look out for it on Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

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