Meet Matcho – part first-person shooter, part match-three puzzler

FiolaSoft Studio has lifted the lid on Matcho – an intriguing blend of first-person shooting and match-three puzzling, with a sci-fi storyline and a side-line of parkour.

Powered by the Unreal 4 Engine, it sees Max – a 25-year-old – fleeing from an underground laboratory after scientists have spent eight years trying to “cure” his ability to fire bursts of energy.  

When bug-like creatures start to emerge, Max realises his curse is not only a gift but also the only way to save mankind.

Viewed from a first-person perspective, Max must match three enemies of the same colour to create an explosion. Bigger chains result in higher scores. Fast-paced movement appears to be the order of the day, with Max able to dash, wall-run, and double jump.

A non-linear story is promised with multiple endings and a humorous tone. Accessibility options will also feature, such as settings for the colourblind.

It’s currently in development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. Sorry, Switch owners.

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