Jurassic lark – Lawn Mowing Simulator gains Dino Safari DLC

Here’s some news we didn’t expect to see – Lawn Mowing Simulator is about to gain Dino Safari DLC. Then again, the fact that a lawn mowing sim exists to begin with is rather unexpected.

Sadly, we aren’t in for scenes of primaeval carnage and destruction – it simply takes place in a theme park with animatronic statues. The features list looks like this:

  • Four new contract locations
    • Cretaceous Canyon
    • Herbivore Valley
    • Raptor Enclosure
    • T-Rex Paddock
  • Twelve career contracts
    • 4 general cut contracts
    • 4 overgrown contracts
    • 4 litter contracts
  • Four new valuables to find in Career mode (One in each contract location)
  • Six new Xbox and Steam Achievements

The Dino Safari DLC is available now, lauching at a low price point – £3.99 / $4.99 / €4.99 on all platforms.

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