A ribbit king for a day – Time on Frog Island gains a physical release and name change

Previously known as Trading Time: A Croak Tale, the newly rebranded Time on Frog Island – a name publisher Merge Games believes better suits the experience – will now be launching physically as well as digitally.

Those who played Link’s Awakening may notice a similarity with the premise.

After washing on a strange island, our sea dog protagonist sets about repairing their ship before finding a way home. There’s just one setback – the island’s inhabitants, peculiar frog-like people, don’t speak the same language as our downtrodden hero. To procure the required materials, they’ll have to establish a network of trade deals – with puzzles and secrets to find along the way.

Fishing, farming and different ways to complete trades are all promised.

It’s due this summer, with physical releases priced £29.99 on Switch and £24.99 on PS4, PS5 and Xbox One. There’s no word on digital pricing yet.

And yes, that headline is a reference to the greatest GameCube game of all time.

Matt Gander

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