RIPOUT, a first-person shooter with an evolving gun, looks like one to watch

On first glance, 3D Realms’ RIPOUT looks uncannily similar to DOOM Eternal. It soon transpires that it couldn’t be further removed, being a vastly different beast.

This sci-fi first-person shooter is a co-op affair with procedurally generated levels and enemies capable of reconfiguring their bodies with rogue technology. The very same technology humanity devises, only to fall victim to.

Your weapon, too, is a biological entity able to transform and grow. Enemies can be taken apart piece by piece or struck with significant firepower. Playable soldiers will also have loadout options.

Visually, Pet Project Games is aiming for an ‘80s sci-fi aesthetic, which presumably means plenty of chunky computer terminals with DOS-style text.

It sounds like it’s in the best possible hands – 3D Realms has handled the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem, and Shadow Warrior in the past. It’s also gunning for PS5 and Xbox Series only, in addition to PC. Look out for it later this year.

Matt Gander

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