Ziggurat acquires 80+ games from Rainbow Arts, including Rendering Ranger: R2

Retro specialists Ziggurat Interactive – who recently re-released Bloodrayne and its sequel on current-gen consoles – have snagged more than 80 titles from the Rainbow Arts catalogue.

Rainbow Arts was best known for the Turrican series and the brazen Super Mario Bros. clone The Great Giana Sisters â€“ a game which landed the now defunct publisher in trouble with Nintendo.

However, it appears that neither franchise is included in this deal – the press release mentions Rendering Ranger: R2, one of the rarest and most desirable Super Famicom games, along with microcomputer hits Logical, Lollypop, X-Out, M.U.D.S. and MadTV.

If Turrican was included, we’re sure they would shout about it.

“We are incredibly pleased to add a number of significant games from Rainbow Arts to Ziggurat’s growing list of historic games,” said Michael Devine, SVP of Business Development at Ziggurat.

“Rainbow Arts was a premiere and iconic European video game publisher of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Each game released during that time frame – mainly made for the C64, Amiga, and PC – evokes memories of 16-bit wonders, colorful graphics, and playful challenges the second you see the rainbow logo appear. We can’t wait to revitalize these games and share them with today’s classic gaming fans.”

Plans are already underway for a Rendering Ranger: R2 re-release, with details to follow this spring.

We imagine the majority of other games acquired will turn up on Steam and GoG, joining the likes of KKND, Das Boot MicroProse Soccer and dozens of others that have eluded consoles due to their reliance on a keyboard and mouse set-up.

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