Bugsnax’s retail release was worth waiting for

The retail release of Young Horses’ misfit filled adventure Bugsnax trailed roughly a year behind its digital counterpart – a PS5 launch title, in case you’ve forgotten.  

Open the box, and you’ll likely agree that it was worth the wait. This is a retail release done right, by modern-day standards, including a bunch of extras. These come as a complete surprise – both the back of the box and the online product description overlook mentioning bonuses.

In addition to the game disc – humorously decorated with an iced doughnut – and a reversible cover, it also includes a full-colour field guide, a set of stickers, and an activity sheet clearly intended to mimic those handed to children at fast-food restaurants.

The field guide is a highlight, detailing each character, critter and tool, while also featuring a Bugsnax checklist.

It definitely puts a lot of recent retail releases to shame, especially considering the majority no longer ship with an instruction book.

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