Beyond A Steel Sky, Clockwork Aquario, Big Brain Academy, Asterix & Obelix, Danganronpa, and Disney Magical World 2 hit the Switch

The Switch often plays catch-up when it comes to multiformat releases, with many games trailing behind their PS4/Xbox One counterparts. In a surprise twist, the Switch eShop is the only place where you’ll find Beyond A Steel Sky this week – versions for other formats have been pushed back until 7th December.

We imagine it’ll run well on Switch too, originally being a relatively undemanding Apple Arcade release. We reviewed this sci-fi puzzle adventure – with a plot entailing missing children – on Tuesday, awarding it 7/10 while comparing it to a Telltale game. It’s both visually and mechanically similar, with graphic novel-style visuals and a simple UI.

The Metro opted for a 6/10 – calling it “colourful and good-humoured” – while PlayStation Lifestyle deemed it worthy of a 9/10. Curiously, most outlets mentioned glitches. We didn’t come across anything of the sort, however, finding it stable.

On the subject of release dates, long lost arcade platformer Clockwork Aquario is out this week in Europe, but not until 14th Dec in the US. This colourful affair was originally by the Wonder Boy team and was due in arcades around 1993, only to be cancelled by SEGA. Publisher ININ Games has resorted the ROM and added new modes, an artwork gallery and more.

We dished 7/10 in our review while warning you’ll have to replay it dozens of times, playing harder difficulties, to get your monies worth – at £16.99, it’s slightly expensive. It’s short, lasting around 20 mins, but good fun with a pleasing ‘stun, grab and throw’ mechanic. The Daily Star could only muster a 6/10, while God is a Geek was left smitten, doling out an 8/10.

Nintendo themselves has two new releases out this week – their last before Christmas, we believe.

Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition features six worlds to explore, along with crafting and cooking elements, plus a side-line of dungeon crawling.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, meanwhile, lets you go brain-to-brain with friends and family in 4-player matches. Reviews are now live and scores are mixed, varying between 6/10 and 8/10.

“Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is a fun little romp which doesn’t have ideas above its station and presents its brain-teasers in a more lighthearted, rowdier manner than Dr. Kawashima’s friendly but sterile style. This isn’t the kind of marriage between gameplay and (for lack of a better term) ‘work’ that you’ll find in Ring Fit Adventure, but it’s a greatly enjoyable and budget-friendly way to keep up the little pitter-patter of grey matter for all ages,” said Nintendo Life.

Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! is another new full-price release. Recent Asterix games have taken the form of 3D platformers. Slap them All! present a change of pace – it’s a 2D beat’em up, clearly intended to evoke memories of Konami’s arcade game, while riding the coattails of Streets of Rage 4. Reviews aren’t live, but it does look appealing. The £35 price tag might be an issue, though.

Four Danganronpa games also gain Switch re-releases, making the jump from PS Vita. They are (take a deep breath) Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Anniversary Edition and Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp (and exhale!)  

Danganronpa V3 currently has the highest Metacritic, while Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp – with its £17.99 price point – has the lowest, allegedly being a bit of a grind. All four have 10% off launch week discounts, incidentally.

Then there’s The Kids We Were, a conversion of a highly rated mobile RPG resembling The Touryst, arriving for £12.59. Digitally Downloaded paints a positive picture. “The way it taps into both a sense of nostalgia for youth and the Japanese nostalgia for the golden 80’s might not be the most original narrative angle ever, but it’s a story told so well that you won’t be able to put it down,” they said.

Other new games to consider include the 3D platformer Castle on the Coast, pixel-art adventure 6Souls, cyberpunk therapy session Mind Scanners, Paradise Lost – a first-person mystery set in a WWII bunker – and MONOBOT, a physics puzzle platformer that we reviewed on PC back in June. Phew! What a week, eh?

New Switch eShop releases

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain – £24.99

Who has the brawniest brain in your family? Flex that grey matter and find out in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain for Nintendo Switch.

Step up to brain-flexing challenges in five different categories: Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Visualize. Master each category to pump up your Big Brain Brawn!

Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition – £44.99

Immerse yourself in a world of magic in Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition on Nintendo Switch!

Make a new home in this enchanted Disney world and hang out with beloved Disney characters!

Explore Disney-themed worlds full of fun challenges and live your dream life as you go on fun adventures, dance with Disney Princesses, soar with Mickey in Magical Dream parades, and more!

Get ready for hours of enchanted fun as you build your own Disney Magical World!

Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani – £44.99

Able to see what others cannot, Agent Shino Akitsu works for a secret government organization monitoring powerful beings who travel between realms.

She meets entities with different personalities and abilities.

Part gatekeeper, part travel guide, she does her best to keep these otherworldly individuals from getting into inter-dimensional trouble.

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Definitive Edition – £34.99

With the pedal to the metal, race along more than 3,000 kilometers of tracks that await you!

On the mountainside, through a nature park, in the middle of the desert or along the coast, defend your position in more than 250 races, with championships, exhibition races and Grand Prix.

A reference of the arcade racing games on Nintendo Switch for the last 3 years, Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is back for a definitive (and juiced up!) edition.

Find all the Gear.Club Unlimited 2 content and discover new driving sensations: on simple roads & on tracks, for speed and endurance challenges… but always with prestigious vehicles!

It’s up to you to dominate the races and settle your supremacy on your opponents!

My Universe – Doctors & Nurses – £34.99

Start your medical career!

You have the option to play two new recruits who’ve just arrived. Gradually, you’ll realise that your day-to- day existence is going to be anything but restful. Build relationships with the other members of your new team and get to know their funny and moving personalities. But be sure not to get distracted by your rival, Doctor Pierce! Over the course of your adventure, you’ll take care of the various patients who present to you at the hospital as the days go by. Listen carefully to them to understand their symptoms and play fun mini-games to treat them. Every day is a new challenge with its fair share of surprises!

-Choose your character and personalise their appearance

-Discover hospital life as part of a team

-Take care of your various patients with different mini-games!

Beyond a Steel Sky – £34.99

From Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series, with art direction by Dave Gibbons, legendary comic book artist behind ‘Watchmen’, comes ‘Beyond a Steel Sky’, the long awaited sequel to the cult classic ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’.

You are Robert Foster. A child has been abducted in a brutal attack. You have vowed to bring him home. But the trail has led you from your community of desert wasteland dwellers, to Union City, one of the last remaining mega-cities in a world ravaged by shattering wars, and political meltdown.

Fortified and impenetrable, it is a utopia in which people live happily under the surveillance and control of a benign AI. But all is far from what it seems…

‘Beyond a Steel Sky’ is a dramatic, humorous, cyberpunk thriller in which engaging puzzles drive a fast-paced narrative set in a dynamic gameworld that responds to – and is subverted by – the player’s actions.

Clockwork Aquario – £16.99

The long thought lost arcade treasure by the legendary Westone team is finally being brought to light after 30 years! In cooperation with Strictly Limited games, the unfinished ROM has been dug up and finished with the input of the original developers. The beautiful pixel art was at the top of its class at the time and has lost nothing of its charm over the years.

Jump and run through a colorful fantasy world, pick up and throw your enemies, hit multiple at the same time to get a multiplier and rack up your high score! You can also play with up to two friends, will you collaborate to take down Dr. Hangyo or try to sabotage each other to get the high score?

The Kids We Were – £12.59

The Kids We Were is a cinematic adventure game with a heavy focus on narrative. Set in the late Japanese Showa era (the 1980s), it’s a nostalgic journey through a unique time in Japan’s recent history. Take on the role of Minato, a young boy who sets out on an unexpected and incredible summer adventure.

This game is an award-winning adventure game originally released worldwide for smartphones in February, 2020. Selected as one of the top 3 titles at the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2020, it has also won the avex Award, and been chosen for the Best Indies category of Google Play’s Best Games of 2020.

To celebrate the release of The Kids We Were on Nintendo Switchâ„¢, we’ve added a bunch of brand-new content. If you want the full experience, look no further than this, the Complete Edition!

The Complete Edition includes the full story available in the app, in addition to a new bonus episode set after the events of the main game. There are also brand-new collection items to find!

Jigsaw Fun: Wonderful Nature – £12.99

Enjoy 100 hand-picked, high quality, images to solve of nature from all around the world. Change the size of your puzzle for increased difficulty and solve jigsaws up to 600 pieces. You can also play with up to 4 players to solve jigsaws together!

World Quiz – £8.99


• Over 5,000 questions split into 24 categories to really test people’s knowledge of the world.

• Three levels of difficulty to make it playable for the whole family.

• Over 190 different countries featured.

Castle on the Coast – £13.49

Castle on the Coast is a bedazzling collectathon arcade platformer. George, a friendly giraffe, parkours through challenging levels full of crystal caverns, stone-laden halls, and trippy alternate dimensions, trying to bring together a family of the two powerful, conflicted wizards. In the co-op mode, he can use help from his squirrel friend called Swirlz. Thanks to cooperation mode, even the youngest gamers will be able to enjoy George’s adventures, playing together with their friends or their sitters. Besides all the arcade fun, Castle on the Coast offers a more serious, moral angle. It will touch upon dealing with loss, conflict, and loving your enemies.

Ghost Sync – £13.49

In a world infested with evil beasts called savarians, a girl is on a journey to hunt these dangerous beings. One day she runs into a dog possessed by the soul of a young man. This meeting triggers a further long adventure awaiting only to reveal what is behind the mystery involving the world fate.

Possess looming enemies and summon spirits to support you in turn-based battles with outstanding animations! Take on missions in the Guild to raise your rank, and upgrade weapons to become more powerful. More enjoyment awaits you in this fateful RPG!

MONOBOT – £9.99

Monobot is a 2D physics-based puzzle platformer where you take control of Monobot, a small entity caught up in a hostile world set in a dark, distant future. You must guide Monobot through his solo journey, unravelling puzzles to uncover the buried secrets of this dystopian world.

Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire – Green – £5.49

Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire – Blue – £5.49

In the latest installment of the Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire series, 5 new female companions with animal features will challenge you to a classic game of tile-matching. Select pairs of tiles to make them disappear, but be careful to stay ahead of the clock! Plan your moves strategically so you don’t hit a dead end. For every third round you clear, you’ll unlock new outfits for your lovely companions, all of which can be viewed in Dressing Room mode.

Every time you play, tiles are shuffled to keep each session fun and unpredictable. For a more casual experience, switch to Easy mode to disable the clock and take advantage of hints and shuffle assists. With more than 60 layouts and randomized patterns, there’s always a reason to come back for more tile-matching and quality time with these adorable animal girls!

Miracle Snack Shop – £15.59

After facing some major adversity, Seolhwa Cha ends up owning a small snack shop.

There is just one problem: business is dead.

Seolhwa doesn’t have time to sing the blues though because in his attic something has appeared… A portal?

Out from that portal walks… a queen from another world?!

As Seolhwa serves the first bowl of shaved ice to Philia, also known as Queen Salt…

He takes his first step toward growing closer to her……

What are you waiting for, Ice Sculptor? The queen wishes for shaved ice.

A frozen treat of a story that will make your heart pound, and it all begins in your snack shop!

Beastie Bay DX – £11.69

Washed ashore a desolate island and surrounded by savage beasts, can you thrive…or merely survive?

Blaze trails into unknown territory…and then make it your own! Plant crops, build housing and power sources, and transform the island into your own personal paradise. As you progress, you’ll be able to develop new gear and technology to take your adventure to the next level, including ways to travel to unexplored islands nearby!

The native fauna eyeing you as their next meal? Capture the critters, trade them with friends, and train them to fight for you! Most have elemental strengths and weaknesses, so use these to your advantage in battle.

Venture far enough afield and you may find signs of civilization. If you make the right friends, your humble isle could grow into an economic powerhouse, complete with hot springs, hotels, and heliport. The possibilities are as limitless as the horizon!

Survival of the fittest was never so fun! You call the shots as you develop your primitive isle into a luxurious slice of paradise!

Try searching for “Kairosoft” to see all of our games!!

Football Battle – £2.69

Live your football story!

Enter the field, decimate your opponent with various powerful kicks and fun and quirky powerups.

Finally let them know who is the boss with the emotes system – become a football legend today!

Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! – £34.99

The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely…

One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders.

Everything is falling apart! Our two heroes will travel all around the world to fight the Roman Empire in a 2D horizontal scrolling Beat Them Up game, completely hand-drawn and made in the purest tradition of the genre.

Enemies and wild boars will have to be cautious! Asterix and Obelix are back… And it’s going to be another great fight!

Archvale – £11.99

A malicious and cruel king once ruled the land and terrorized all who faced him. He along with the fabled arch to Archvale have become the fodder for ghost stories and passed down myths. All that remains of him are the Undying; beings whom the king cursed with immortality to live out their eternity in his prisons.

You and you alone can defeat the Undying and rid the world from the dark shadow the king has left. Journey across diverse regions, looting and crafting your way to better weapons and equipment. Through these upgrades you will be able to succeed against the host of enemies that await you and stand between you and the truth about the said-to-be-mythic arch to Archvale.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition – £13.49

Danganronpa 2 is finally available on Nintendo Switch! Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Release: Part 2!

Jabberwock Island – once a popular tourist destination, this now uninhabited island remains oddly pristine. You and your classmates at the elite Hope’s Peak Academy have been brought to this island by your super-cute teacher for a “lovey-dovey, heart-throbbing school trip.” Everyone seems to be having fun in the sun…until Monokuma returns to restart his murderous game! Trapped on this island of mutual killing, your only hope of escape rests in solving the island’s mysteries. But be warned—sometimes the truth can be its own despair…

This 10th Anniversary edition comes with a gallery feature that allows you to view event illustrations, scenes, and listen to voiced dialogue!

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition – £13.49

Danganronpa arrives on Nintendo Switch to celebrate its 10th anniversary! Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Release: Part 1!

Hope’s Peak Academy is home to Japan’s best and brightest high school students—the beacons of hope for the future. But that hope suddenly dies when Makoto Naegi and his classmates find themselves imprisoned in the school, cut off from the outside world and subject to the whims of a strange, murderous little bear named Monokuma. He pits the students against each other, promising freedom to anyone who can murder a fellow classmate and get away with it.

It’s up to you to find out who Monokuma really is, and why you’ve been taken from the world you once knew. But be careful what you wish for—sometimes there’s nothing more deadly than the truth…

This 10th Anniversary edition comes with a gallery feature that allows you to view event illustrations, scenes, and listen to voiced dialogue!

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Anniversary Edition – £26.99

A new chapter begins! Danganronpa V3 is coming to Nintendo Switch for the first time! Danganronpa 10th Anniversary Release: Part 3!

Welcome to a new world of Danganronpa, and prepare yourself for the biggest, most exhilarating episode yet. Set in a “psycho-cool” environment, a new cast of 16 characters find themselves kidnapped and imprisoned in a school. Inside, some will kill, some will die, and some will be punished. Reimagine what you thought high-stakes, fast-paced investigation was as you investigate twisted murder cases and condemn your new friends to death.

This 10th Anniversary edition comes with a gallery feature that allows you to view event illustrations, scenes, and listen to voiced dialogue!

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp – £17.99

With an all-star dream lineup of characters from each Danganronpa game, gather Hope Fragments at a tropical resort. Explore Jabberwock Island and develop your Dangan characters. Gather money through battle and upgrade your equipment, then defeat bosses and move on to the next island!

Word Forward – £4.99

Word Forward is the word puzzle game where every choice matters.

Can you use all of the letters in the 5×5 grid to make words disappear and clear the board? Word Forward isn’t about spelling the longest words or the most clever – it’s about using chess-like strategy to clear every tile and declare victory in 500 puzzles. It requires wits and cunning – Word Forward is a brain teaser that will really make you think!

Construction Site Driver – £12.59

You may know about driving, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready for what awaits you at the site. Begin your adventure today and discover the unique joys of being a construction worker!

Take control of one of ten distinct and varied vehicles that share one characteristic – every one of them is essential in completing the building. Drive a cement mixer, a drilling truck, a fork lift, an excavator and more! Feel the immense power of those impressive vehicles and use them to the best of your ability!

UNREAL LIFE – £22.49

A girl who has lost her memories but can see the memories of things meets a talking traffic light. They start their journey together through a strange city to find her lost memories.

Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders – £11.69

Someone systematically kills young women in the Chinese capital under the Tang Dynasty, leaving cards with riddles and warnings at the crime scene.

After a daringly solved case, the young, newly minted, but extremely talented detective Di Renjije receives, from the Empress Wu Zetian herself, the task of discovering the identity of the murderer.

Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders is a point&click adventure with an extensive, immersive story.

6Souls – £7.99

Embark on an exciting journey to find the abandoned Clifford Castle and uncover its secrets!

Our heroes, adventure enthusiasts Jack and his faithful dog companion Butch, go on an exciting quest to find an abandoned castle where the entire Clifford family vanished years ago. The whole castle is surrounded by mystery, from its dark dungeons to its highest towers.

While discovering new rooms, our heroes will learn fascinating details about the Clifford family, meet the castle’s peculiar residents and uncover its secrets.

Paradise Lost – £13.49

WWII had no victor

The war persisted for 20 more years only to end in flames when the Nazis launched nuclear missiles on most of Europe. In the aftermath, the heart of Europe remains shrouded in the mystery of complete destruction and deadly radiation.

The last story on Earth

You play as Szymon, a 12-year-old boy who’s just discovered a massive Nazi bunker while wandering the barren wasteland of Poland after his mother’s death. He’s searching for a mysterious man from a photograph his mother cherished.

An abandoned bunker

Descend into the retro futuristic bunker where advanced technology is intertwined with Slavic pagan imagery and explore the underground city hidden within. Uncover the story of the bunker, from its takeover by Polish rebels to the ultimate fate of its inhabitants.

Find Ewa

A mysterious girl named Ewa contacts Szymon through the bunker’s technology. If he can only find her, she might know the man in the picture. If he can find her, he finally won’t be alone…

Splotches – £7.19

A bamboozingly funtertaining puzzle game, lovingly crafted for artists of all ages. It’s all about exploding globs of icky, gooey paint in the right places at the right times! Mix together the primary colours (red, yellow, and blue) in any order to make a Brownsplosion that obliterates everything in its path. Spread the colours across conveyor belts, through portals, over filters, and into buckets on your quest to destroy the mythical Rainbow Orb.

Mind Scanners – £13.49

Mind Scanners is a retro-futuristic psychiatry simulation in which you diagnose the citizens of a dystopian metropolis. Locate a host of other-worldly characters and use arcade-style treatment devices to help them. Manage your time and resources to keep The Structure in balance. Remember, you take full responsibility for your patients.

Tank De La Muerta – £4.49

Tank de la Muerta follows Enrique, a normal zombie, humbly living in the cemetery, determined to find the love of his life.

Throughout his wanderings, and innumerous parties, Enrique will have to make choices, that will impact the very foundation of the relationship with his friends, or may lead to nothing at all.

Will he be able to find love?

9-Ball Pocket – £5.39

9-Ball Pocket brings you eight-ball pool, also known as American billiards. All of this comes in a setting with great graphics and Jazz music.

Farmquest – A Hidden Object Search Game for Kids and Toddlers – £8.99

Everything on Joe’s farm is in chaos. Everything urgently needs to be put back in order here. Help Joe find important objects and hidden treasures on his farm.

Who doesn’t love them? The small and detailed hidden object pictures that challenge children to find certain items. They have been proven to promote children’s perception and language progression.

Farmquest can be played by children of any age. Thanks to the fully voice-activated interface, even toddlers are able to explore the hidden object pictures on their own. They do not need to be able to read to have a sense of achievement. Concentration and attentiveness are taught in a playful way.

Incidentally, a study conducted by the Singapore Technological University proved the fact that hidden object games increase the understanding of spatial perception in memory. In addition, visual search skills were noticeably improved.

The game can also be used to support language learning. Simply select the desired language in the settings and start playing.

What are you waiting for? Family fun for young and old.

Next week: Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space, Transient: Extended Edition, Ball laB, MONOPOLY Madness, Loop Hero, Super Impossible Road, Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX Kubinashi Recollection. Captain U (Wii U), Memories of East Coast, A YEAR OF SPRINGS, LOVE 3, Ever Forward, and Unstrong: Space Calamity.

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