Kid A Mnesia Exhibition: Everything in its Right PlayStation

Whether or not you like their music, there’s always something to be said about Radiohead. And so it is with Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, a self-declared “something” that’s available now on PlayStation 5, PC and Mac.получить займ без проверки кредитной истории переводом

Now as it goes, I do like their music. In fact, I love Kid A in particular – though it took a few years to mature from like to love. To an extent I got out of Exhibition what I brought to it: for me there’s no better opening to an album than Kid A, and those first few seconds of Everything in its Right Place had the same effect here.

But there’s interesting stuff here regardless. It was originally conceived as a real-world exhibition, but it wasn’t long until I stopped wishing I could really wander around it, as it quickly departs the realm of physical possibility – and is all the better for it. The original music is cut and spliced around the place, building and coming together – or not – in interesting, often interactive ways.

The result is something that feels like it could only exist in this medium: part art exhibition, part interactive music video, part adventure. It’s creepy, and beautiful.

And very Radiohead. It might not win many new fans, but at the almost unnecessarily generous price of free, unless you’re particularly predisposed against them, it’s well worth an hour of your time.

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