We’re old enough to remember perusing Mega Drive games in the likes of Woolworths, Dixons and Blockbuster. Gynoug (also known as Wings of Wor) was commonly found, and usually at a discount price, failing to stand out from Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and other early system classics.

Maybe it was the name. Maybe it was the artwork, showing a winged bare-chested hero. Either way, it hardly had gamers dashing to the counter with a copy in their hand.

A re-release is imminent (12th November on PS4, Xbox One and Switch) and it’s hoped that many will see it in a new light, packaged with modern day improvements such as save states and a rewind tool.

This side-scrolling shooter has a mythical theme, with a hero resembling Icarus and enemies being mutated beasts. Coloured crystals increase firepower, with some significantly supercharging shots.

Like the recent Gleylancer, it’s arriving at the knockdown price of £5.99 on all three formats. We don’t even recall seeing the original that cheaply.