Fantasy ‘Metroidvania’ Unbound: Worlds Apart out now on PC and Switch

Alien Pixel Publishing’s Unbound: Worlds Apart, out today on PC and Switch, sounds more imaginative than most Metroidvanias.

This isn’t just due to the dark fantasy setting and hand-drawn visuals, but also the focus on using magic portals to alter the world. Ten different portals will feature, allowing for inverted gravity, super strength, time manipulation and more. Far more exciting than a double jump or dash move, we think you’ll agree.

This ties into the plot, which sees an evil entity trying to tear reality apart. It’s up to Soli, a young mage, to stop their plan, all while meeting new characters and – potentially, at least – unravel a huge secret by searching levels thoroughly.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Matt Gander

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