The latest Evercade cart reveal is a complete surprise

Well, the latest Evercade cart reveal is certainly a surprise. Renovation Collection 1 will include 12 titles from Japanese publisher Telenet and its US subsidiary Renovation.

While obscure, these are deep cuts of 16-bit (Genesis/Mega Drive) history – all 12 games are considered rare nowadays, and consequently cherished by collectors.

The games list reads as follows:

• Arcus Odyssey
• Beast Wrestler
• Dino Land
• El Viento
• Exile
• Final Zone
• Gaiares
• Granada
• Sol-Deace
• Traysia
• Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
• Valis 3

There’s a heady mixture of genres covered – horizontal shooters, beat’em ups, platformers, RPGs and even a pinball game in the form of Dino Land. Evercade hopes this collection will satisfy fans looking for obscure and lesser-known titles.

Renovation Collection 1 is slated as the first release of Evercade’s 2022 line-up, with pre-orders set to go live in November – around the same time the Evercade VS launches.

Images via Moby Games.

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