Destroy All Humans, Sky: Children of the Light, Disgaea 6, and Doki Doki Literature Club Plus hit the Switch

Neither Destroy All Humans or Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny – two of this week’s biggest Switch releases – seem to be going down amazingly well with critics.

Destroy All Humans, while still a lot of fun, has a few setbacks with Screen Rant mentioning that it’s prone to crashing. Not exactly the definitive version seems to be the consensus. We quite enjoyed this remaster on Xbox One, even though some areas needed modernising – the maddening final boss battle included.

JRPG Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, meanwhile, makes a lot of changes (this is the first in the series in full 3D) but none of them are allegedly worthwhile.

“And I think this is largely reflective of what the Disgaea series is now, underdeveloped and lackluster when compared to previous entries. It feels like a lot of the production costs were cut for Disgaea 6, as the game only features voice acting during specific moments and largely isn’t present for even a bulk of the story events,” said Siliconera.

The Metro echoed this. “When one of the main new features of a game is its ability to play itself, it’s a hint that a franchise is beginning to run out of steam – especially given Disgaea 6’s limp script and 3D graphics,” was their verdict.

On the brighter side, Sky: Children of the Light has arrived on Switch for the sum of precisely nothing. Sweet nadda. This mobile conversion – from the creators of Flower and Journey – is set across seven dreamlike worlds where it’s possible to team up with others to save spirits and uncover treasures.

The mobile original – from 2019 – was very well-received, with some critics claiming that it felt very much like a console game.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus also makes a belated console appearance. This phycological horror visual novel has proven controversial, with younger players lured in with the cutesy anime visuals before being left disturbed by what it actually entails. Unsurprisingly, it been given an 18+ rating.

Then there’s Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol, a double pack of Lucasarts classics containing two 16-bit slices of suburbia. The original was published by Konami, while TDK scooped the SNES only sequel. Reviews are yet to surface, but at just over £11 the price seems right.

Others to consider this week include the top-down puzzler Mina & Michi, comical non-linear adventure Merrily Perilly, point ‘n clicker Anna’s Quest, arcade shooter Super Destronaut DX-2, and Arkan: The dog adventurer – a combination of Arkanoid/Breakout and a 2D platformer, which we reviewed yesterday.

New Switch eShop releases

Sky: Children of the Light – £0.00

From the award-winning creators behind Journey (2013 Game of The Year) and the highly-acclaimed Flower, comes a ground-breaking social adventure that is set to warm your hearts. Welcome to the enchanting world of Sky, a beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored by you and your loved ones.

In Sky, we arrive as the Children of the Light, spreading hope through the desolate kingdom to return fallen Stars to their constellations.

Arcade Archives: Raiden

Mother Earth has fallen to deranged aliens. Now, as pilot of the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter, you must rip through enemy lines and mount a daring counterattack…in Raiden, the ultimate arcade game conversion.

Onirike – £13.49

Dreams are fed by our own desires. They dwell within us since we are born and this is what we call them until they become real. But… have you ever wondered what happens to dreams that never come true?

Onirike is an original 3D adventure, puzzle and platformer video game which takes place in an intricate open world, designed with a non-linear narrative and presented with a peculiar audio-visual aesthetic.

Throughout the game, the player will take the role of Prieto, a strange being unaware of his own nature, but who has the rare ability to become invisible. Exploration, stealth and cultivating gypsophila flowers will be key to unveiling the story of Prieto and the orb in which he lives.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol – £11.29

The cult classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors and its sequel make their long awaited return in Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol! Play these classics from the golden age of 16-bit gaming with new enhancements and never before seen museum features.

Destroy All Humans! – £34.99

The cult-classic returns! Terrorize the people of 1950’s Earth in the role of the evil alien Crypto-137. Harvest their DNA and bring down the US government in the faithful remake of the legendary alien invasion action adventure. Annihilate puny humans using an assortment of alien weaponry and psychic abilities. Reduce their cities to rubble with your flying Saucer! One giant step on mankind!

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny – £53.99

The first new DISGAEA game in six years is here! Meet Zed, a zombie that has risen above them all except one – a God of Destruction!

Can a mere Netherworld zombie rise up and destroy a god? Find out in the newest installment of the DISGAEA series! Features such as Super Reincarnation, 3D visuals (a first for this series), and adjustable gameplay settings make this the perfect game for both new and old DISGAEA fans!

VasterClaws 3:Dragon slayer of the God world – £21.50

The gameplay focuses on raising your soldiers’ levels, strengthening their weapons, and balancing their unique traits and skills to create the strongest squad possible.

Lead your ultimate squad deeper into the realm of evil, or try it skills online against other players’ squads and move your way up the online ranks.

Merrily Perilly – £4.49

Merrily Perilly is a game about crisis. You play as Perry, a severely dehydrated man who stumbles into a remote village in search of help, but the inhabitants respond with strange detachment to your trouble. You may think that the nearby fountain is a safe means to quench your dire thirst, but you would soon find yourself in search of aid for a snake bite. And before you know it, you will be chased by bees, fending off bears, cursed by gypsies, and most likely set on fire. Will the crises ever end!?

Merrily Perilly plays like a top down adventure game where you must resolve the perpetual perils that afflict Perry by interacting with the townsfolk and environment. Through exploration and experimentation, the nonlinear narrative branches and intersects into many paths leading to several distinct endings.

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic – £7.99

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic brings to you a compelling and satisfying traffic dodging experience in the world!

Mina & Michi – £4.49

Join Mina and her best friend Michi as they travel through the seasons of a wonderfully colorful world, solving puzzles and challenging baddies along the way. Together, they’ll uncover secrets, collect magical items and learn special abilities that allow them to reach exciting new places. Take control of Mina and Michi simultaneously, or play cooperatively with a friend!

Snake It ‘Til You Make It – £5.49

Slide, slither and snake your way to victory! Shed the skin of previous puzzle games and worm your way through hours of fun!

Car Driving Simulator – £17.99

Street race game with cool racing cars, city traffic and racing challenge!

Race kings rule the asphalt street on their furious and fast street cars! Try out our new street racing game and learn what real speed game is about! Experience extreme speed, do crazy airborne stunts and drift in city traffic on the street’s asphalt – go beyond the speed limit!

Arkan: The dog adventurer – £4.49

Dodge enemy shells and attack in response, the ever-growing complexity will not let you get bored. Walk through a huge number of levels using your accuracy and reaction.

Nice graphics and music will support you on this tough journey full of rich experiences!

If you are a lover of platformer or arkanoid, if you love solid complexity and have stamina – this game is for you. If the last two points are not about you, the game also provides an easy mode.

Anna’s Quest – £16.99

Dragons, witches, trolls… No one can stop Anna. With her telekinesis, unorthodox use of torture instruments, a knack for improvisation and the help of a shady fox she just makes her way. She communes with the dead, shuts off the local taverns beer supply and gets old ladies behind bars…

The world of author Dane Krams’ debut on the game development stage isn’t as cuddly as it may seem. Anna however, is actually perfectly nice – or is she? It all starts with freeing talking teddy bear…

Anna’s Quest unfolds a hand-drawn, grim tale with a good dash of self-irony.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! – £11.29

Enter the #1 Psychological Horror Experience!

Welcome to a terrifying world of poetry and romance! Write poems for your crush and erase any mistakes along the way to ensure your perfect ending. Now’s your chance to discover why DDLC is one of the most beloved psychological horror games of the decade!

You play as the main character, who reluctantly joins the Literature Club in search of a romantic interest. With every poem you write and every choice you make, you’ll charm your crush and begin to unfold the horrors of school romance. Do you have what it takes to crack the code of dating sims and get the perfect ending?

Now, the original mind-shattering DDLC experience is packed with tons of new features and content exclusive to Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

A Tale of Synapse: The Chaos Theories – £13.49

A Tale Of Synapse: The Chaos Theories is a mix of platformer and puzzle game melting abstract art and sciences. Use the universe rules and all the elements that compose it to help Synapsians to be open-minded. Discover an incredible and colorful story with Sci and Néro, two heroes, who cooperate to evolve in this dreamlike world based on Math logic rules. The original soundtrack will immerse you in the universe of Héméide.

Are you able to enter this magical land? Play alone or co-op with your friend and develop your synapses to get more competencies, solve puzzles and fight enemies.

Pigeon Fight – £4.49

Have you ever seen a group of pigeons fighting for a bread?

As a player, you become one of them!

You can play in local multiplayer up to 8 players (good for parties)!

Alphadia Genesis 2 – £13.49

While claiming to protect its citizens, the Empire has launched a ruthless campaign against the Atramian population—those said to be infected with black energi and whose existence they deem to be a threat to the world. Discover the true face of evil in this next chapter of the Alphadia series, a story filled with belief, sacrifice, revenge, and ultimately hope!

Boosts can be applied to increase hit count and strength in turn-based battles with dynamic motions. Individual special skills can, in exchange for boost slots, quickly turn the tide of battle in the party’s favor. Use the job orbs, which include fighter, healer, knight, and mage to learn, and handle various energi! The game offers many more elements such as subquests, battle arena and what is necessary for a full-fledged RPG!

Kirakira stars idol project Reika – £7.00

After experiencing joint lessons with DivaFes and Uesugi Produce.

Ai and Nobuyuki have taken another step forward as idol producers. What awaits them at the time when they thought their normal life was about to start again is an encounter with new idols.

‘I’ll take care of you from now on as an idol candidate!

Nice to meet you, juniors. It’s nice to meet you.

A dormant senior idol and a junior idol candidate.

Will they bring a new wind to ODA?

Kickerinho World – £4.49

Welcome to the juggle world where you use your feet, legs, knees, chest, shoulders, and head to keep the ball in the air. Customize your character, discover various maps, learn epic kicks, and unlock new balls! Listen to soccer tips and master your skills to become a legendary football juggler.

And remember – training makes perfect!

The Procession To Calvary – £13.49

Huzzah! The holy war is over! Your oppressors have been vanquished, the churches of the Old God lay in ruin and thousands of innocent people have been murdered! But it’s not all good news; the tyrant Heavenly Peter has escaped your clutches, and you have been tasked with finding him…

The Procession to Calvary is a Pythonesque adventure game in which you journey through a richly detailed landscape built from hundreds of Renaissance paintings.

Discolored – £8.99

Discolored is a strange and surreal puzzle adventure, taking place over two-or-so hours in a single desolate location. Your mission: restore the color to this once-vibrant world. What caused the colors to disappear? How can they be brought back? As you explore, you’ll solve an array of inventive puzzles and uncover a selection of clues – leading you to discover the deeper secrets of this strange place at the end of an abandoned highway.

Dragon Question – £2.70

Dragon Question is an edutainment software that combines mathematical exercises with the defense genre.

You are Archmage Ryn, tasked with guarding the millennial kingdom of Mathateria.

Defend the gates by solving math problems from hordes of monsters.

Defend all four gates before a showdown with Isaac, the dragon of doom, and the main culprit behind the chaos.

Path: Through the Forest – £4.49

Players need to use runes with different functions to collect the crystals that represent the courage and create a way lead to the future.

Moreover, the players who want to show their amazing creativity can design the level belonging to themselves, upload it to the creative space and embarrass others (or make them laughs)!

As long as the designed level can fin

Colossus Mission – £4.49

When a huge alien spacecraft enters low Earth orbit many nations send their teams to investigate it. Your crew is the only one who managed to get inside the colossal vessel. Now the exploration and research rests on your shoulders.

Defeat levels to learn more about the spaceship and it’s members. Your piloting skills will be tested as this is not a friendly environment to stay. Even considering all the help you get from an unknown entity.

Foodtruck Arena – £14.39

Become one of the legendary chefs, take part in an unforgettable tournament, battle against formidable opponents, and climb to the top of the culinary world!

Join the colorful cast of food truck owners who – using their eccentric cars, quirky recipes, and love for food – try to change the stagnant world of gourmet cuisine, one meatball at a time.

Revolver and Co – £5.89

It’s 2038, and a late maniacal inventor has left behind a legacy of madness – coordinates to an island full of wealthy robots, a gun that asks questions, and a widow that’s hired you to answer them.

As Izzy Buspec, the newest recruit to Randco, take charge of their patented revolver as you explore the densely packed biomes of Corvynnia, bringing down hordes of docile robots in a money-making adventure. Every time you fire, you’ll have to answer one of over 2,000 trivia questions with answers based on numbers, percentages, geography, dates, and more – the further you are from the actual answer, the more of its own ammunition the revolver will discharge. If you run out, it’s back to Randco HQ to reload!

Revolver and Co features 105 story levels across 7 unique worlds and 12 question themes which will test you on a wide range of subjects, tied together with humorous debriefings between Izzy and her maniacal boss before the start of each mission.

Or if you’re looking for more of a challenge, have a go at one of the Endless challenges, which pits you against a barrage of questions until you finally succumb to an empty revolver chamber. You can even unlock more Endless challenges by completing the story levels, including a grueling hour-long session where the only thing you have to lose is time.

Best Day Ever – £11.29

Best Day Ever is a narrative game in which you will play 4 characters. Your goal? Manage their daily life and help them overcome their difficulties to create their best day ever.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles – £13.49

In Epistory you play the muse, a fictional character in a world where everything is untold. Your adventure begins on a blank page, but the world will soon become larger and livelier as you gather inspiration, solve its mysteries and defeat its enemies. From movement to opening chests and fighting in epic battles.

As you progress and explore the fantasy origami world, the story literally unfolds in the writer’s mind and the mysteries of the magic power of the words are revealed.

Epistory immerses you in an atmospheric action/adventure game where you play a girl riding a giant fox who fights an insectile corruption from an origami world. As you progress and explore this world, the story literally unfolds and the mysteries of the magic power of the words are revealed.

Mythic Ocean – £12.99

Freely explore a vibrant ocean. Have relaxing, deep, and amusing conversations with six different gods and a cast of sea creatures.

The advice you give continuously alters your story and leads to thousands of possible endings, ranging between harmony and pandemonium.

Which god will rise above? What kind of universe will they create? Discover the outcomes of your choices.

Hope’s Farm – £17.99

Escape the big city stress and experience the quiet charm of rural life. Match your way through an incredible farming adventure. Grow crops, plant trees, raise adorable animals and customize a wonderful farm. Sell the farm goods through challenging match-3 levels and earn experience points to unlock lots of new items!

Do you have what it takes to manage a successful farm? Find out on this amazing and unique blend of farming and matching game. And show your farming and decoration skills in Hope’s Farm. It has never been so fun to take care of a farm.

Super Archer – £4.49

Nock, Draw, Loose! There is unlimited number of targets in front of you, and it is up to you to find out how many can you hit. Do not give up, try again and your skills will improve with every game.

Release the arrow at the right moment to shoot target directly in the middle and progress. Get as far as you can to unlock different skins. Number of your arrows is limited. You are loosing them every time you miss. Can you beat your own records and became the ultimate archer?

Wood Block Escape Puzzles 2 – £4.49

Wood block escape puzzles a fun and simple way to relax and challenge your logical reasining and concentration.

Mighty Aphid – £4.49

His famous father is aging. His mother is dying. And his big sister is on the moon. So it is up to Avery «Aphid» Cavor to stop the villainous Lady Bug from wrecking the town of Victoria with her horde of monsters! Mighty Aphid by Cascadia Games — instant 2D classics filled with easter eggs, quotes and references from the popular platforming games of the past!

You’ll have to run, shoot, swim, and fly. You’ll need to explore huge levels and fight big bosses. You’ll be able to earn upgrades to finally defeat Lady Bug. Relive the early days of 2D platform gaming with this modern action-adventure game.


One year after the new world governments, 2:29. Unit 667 MARIOZZA is receiving a report of a suspicious flare in an industrial area. It turns out that there has been an explosion in one of the factories where the agents Jasper and TJ are carrying out unusual missions. While trying to reach out to the staff and explain the cause of the explosion, they encounter strong resistance from cyber machines that protect corporate secrets.

FLATLAND Vol. 2 – £3.59

FLATLAND – Vol. 2 is a fast-paced hardcore platformer featuring hand-crafted levels and Lightning-fast respawns. Help Square in crossing the most dangerous part of Flatland: the flooded wells.

Super Destronaut DX-2 – £4.99

Super Destronaut DX 2 is a retro space shooter with multiple modes.

Test your abilities with the challenges or try to beat your high score in the arcade modes.

Play against the clock, the more classical 3 lives, or even with limited bullets to see how many aliens you can destroy.

Dodge and shoot enemies to the victory! This time they may not only come from above.

Next week: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, The Silver Case 2425, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Connect Bricks, My Little Fruit Juice Booth, Treachery in Beatdown City, Out of Line, Blitz Breaker, Heart of the Woods, My Maitê, Crash Drive 3, ARIA CHRONICLE, Monument, Indigo 7 Quest for love, MASAGORO, Infinite Golf 2, Boomerang X, and Beauty Bounce.

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