Arcade sports title RoboDunk mixes NBA Jam with Rogue Legacy

Developer Jollypunch Games – creators of the well-received Fly Punch Boom! – have revealed RoboDunk, a robotic take on NBA Jam with roguelike elements.

Critically acclaimed RPG Rogue Legacy has been cited as the biggest influence.

The presence of robot stars allows for such sci-fi power-ups as lasers and shock rings, while the roguelike elements extend to randomized matches with unique rewards, traps (tornados, jump pads, meteors, etc) and opponents. This is to ensure that no two matches are ever alike.

The ballin’ bots level up, gaining new skills and stat boosts. Temporary boosts will also feature, bestowing double jump and such, for a single round.

Local multiplayer for 1-4 players is the order of the day, with drop-in/out support.

The Italian studio is yet to confirm a release date. What we do know is that it’s heading to Steam and consoles. Sadly, we don’t know which consoles yet either. The Switch is a good shout, we reckon.

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