Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World set for launch 28th May

ININ Games has announced that Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World will launch 28th May on PS4 and Switch, with a Steam release to follow at the end of June.

The physical retail releases (RRP £34.99) will also include the original Monster World IV, available as a download code on PS4 and on the cart itself for Switch.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a remake of 1994’s Monster World IV, with some of the original developers (Weststone) on board. The visuals have had a spruce up – now cell-shaded and in 3D – and it also features voice-overs and a bunch of refinements.

The story remains unchanged, meanwhile, centred around Asha and her companion Pepelogoo out to free four spirits. Take a look at the latest trailer below:

We don’t have long to wait for the next ‘90s video game mascot revival – Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is still set for a June release.

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