This 2D puzzle platformer presents a host of unique challenges to overcome as you travel through different worlds saving teensy alien creatures. With a total of 60 levels, and fresh mechanics to master, there’s plenty to get stuck into.

It’s a case of running and jumping to reach the end of the level. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s a twist, in the form of the titular Splitter. This is a dimensional rift allowing our intergalactic hero to move freely between split worlds by creating impromptu platforms.

To complete each level, you must master the rift via twin-stick manipulation, gaining access to higher platforms and thus avoiding anything you could potentially fall into.

The bright cartoon art style is pleasing to the eye, and the lack of violence means it has the potential to appeal to a wide audience – you wouldn’t feel bad playing this in front of children, in other words. Accompanied by jolly and upbeat music, the first few levels are a breeze, and this makes for a pleasant introduction.

After a few levels, I began to become stuck, and not necessarily because the puzzles became tricker. While manipulating the rift to get to the higher platforms, I often found it difficult and would continuously fall to my doom, forcing a level restart. As you can imagine, this ramps up the frustration factor somewhat.

Additional challenges are provided such as a time trial – which may please speedrunners – and an optional rotation limit. In a game that’s already tough, making it even harder could be seen as overkill. Your mileage may vary – I wasn’t up for this extra level of difficulty, already finding things quite brutal, shall we say.

If you can encourage a friend in to play, you may enjoy the separate co-op mode which features levels specifically designed for teamwork. It’s a shame that there aren’t many to play through – the total of stages is far smaller than that of the single-player mode.

When it comes to a purchasing decision, there are a few boxes you should mentally tick off. Up for a challenge? This will test your mettle. Love platformers? Here’s a new way to play. Enjoy playing with friends? You’ll probably relish the co-op mode and may even have a good laugh at how many times it takes to complete a level.

If you find all these things appealing, you’ll discover a decent game here. Under that colourful exterior lies a game deceptively tricky.

World-Splitter is out now on PS4, Switch and PC. An Xbox One version is due this summer.


Rachel Hobbs

Rachel is a gamer and cat enthusiast, who when not studying criminology, enjoys walking her cat and streaming gaming sessions on Twitch.

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