Batora: Lost Haven is an upcoming action RPG juggling body and mind

Stormind Games has lifted the lid on Batora: Lost Haven – an action RPG starring Avril, a sixteen-year-old gifted with newfound powers following the devastation of Earth.

It sounds like a melting pot of ideas. Not only does it feature both twin-stick shooting and hack ‘n slashing, but an innovative dual mentality system too, allowing for a double health bar that tracks both mental and physical health. Knowing when to apply Avril’s body or mind plays a key part.

The art direction for this interplanetary adventure has been influenced by 1950’s retro sci-fi, backed by a bold neon colour scheme and hand-drawn vistas. Moral choices also feature, driving nonlinear narration and a story with different outcomes.

Batora brings together Anne Toole (Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher, Days Gone), Ron Fish â€“ composer of the soundtracks of God of War and the Batman Arkham series, and former Assassin’s Creed concept artist Borislav Mitkov. Stormind Games’ past works, meanwhile, include the Remothered series.

The release date is currently TBA. Formats have been revealed following today’s announcement though – expect it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Switch.

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