Cover Your Eyes

This 16-bit style psychological horror RPG bears similarities to both Mad Father and Corpse Party. I love this mix of gameplay styles, especially when survival elements are involved, so I was immediately drawn in.

You play as Chloe, a mother fighting for her life to protect her children during a monster outbreak in her town, all while trying to find her cheating husband. Chloe’s up against grotesque creatures and bosses, as well as deformed humans that give chase.

Without revealing too much, Chloe has a troubled past and is often haunted by ghosts and monsters throughout the story. Sound effects and music are used minimally, which sets a strong atmosphere while making this perfect for those who aren’t into full-on horror games. There’s no voice acting either, although considering the cut-scenes can drag, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s also in-keeping with the 16-bit theme.  

Ammo boxes, health syringes and other essential items are commonly found, mostly in the areas where they’re needed most. The majority of areas are single-screen rooms, which are small and easy to navigate, with only outside areas and corridors featuring scrolling. Paying attention to detail within the environments is crucial as prompts and clues are often placed in plain sight.

I had some issues with the combat which I felt it was a little stiff, especially when trying to fire weapons while turning. Shooting at close range seems to be the only way of staying alive, making it stressful to navigate the controls quickly. I soon learnt to horde ammo for the pistol.

Another gripe concerns the difficulty of trying to find the family cat, which acts as a save point. Walking into a room and being attacked immediately, forcing a reload of a much older save, was frustrating. Don’t forget to go searching for this mysterious moggie before proceeding to the next area or part of the story. In some areas, I probably spent more time figuring out the puzzles than I should have too, but this was due to no fault of my own.

If you are into story-driven games, it’s worth giving this one a try. It’s a neat little diversion.

Cover Your Eyes, from StarSkipp, is out 6th November on Steam.


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