Arr! Here be a new ‘Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town’ trailer

We were left smitten by Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town – a PC point ‘n click adventure revival which we previewed back in July.

You play as the titular Willy Morgan, the son of an explorer who mysteriously vanished years ago. A new lead takes the red-haired fellow to Bone Town – a rundown pirate village which mixes fantasy with modern technology.

“Packed full of mystery and intrigue, this classic adventure will appeal to long-time genre fans as well as those looking for something easy-going and humorous to jump into,” we said in our preview.

The full release launched on PC last month, where it was met by positive critical reviews. It has also amassed ‘very positive’ reviews on Steam, praised for its art direction, visuals, and ‘humorous’ tone.

The above trailer has been released to coincide with the game’s launch. Hopefully it’ll provide enlightenment while we finish penning our review.

Lookout Willy Beamish – there’s stiff competition around!

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