Hey, Vicious Sisters – The Coma 2 launches on Xbox One this week

Side-scrolling Korean horror The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters launches on Xbox One this week.

This high school-set thriller currently has ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews on Steam – where it launched back in January – gaining praise for its atmosphere, character design and comic book-style presentation. Adding to its accolades, it also recently won two awards at the Taipei Game Show 2020.

You play as Mina Park, a student of Sehwa High. While studying one evening the school is taken over by something dark and twisted, provoking a fight for survival. Puzzle solving, stealth, resource management and exploration all feature, eventually taking Mina outside the school and into its surroundings. All the while, a figure uncannily similar to one of her teachers lingers in the shadows.

Having already proven itself on other formats, Xbox One owners fond of Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, Whispering Corridors and other Korean horror films may want to take a look.

Matt Gander

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